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  1. Just curious as to why You would say that the "Knebworth 1979 concerts: Atrocious video and audio quality"? Have You seen the two Knebworth 1979 (8/4/79 and 8/11/79) full concerts on dvd? If You have, it may be possible that You have or have seen "atrocious video and audio quality" of these concerts. I have had these two Led Zeppelin Knebworh 1979 concerts on dvd for over 3 years now and the dvd I have of these shows are very far from being "atrocious". In fact, they are very good and most enjoyable to view any time I feel like watching them. I have no single idea what "generation" the dvds I have are but they must be "low gen" because the video and audio of both are of very above average quality.
  2. "I Can't Quit You Baby", live from Los Angeles, January 5, 1969. From this recording it is hard (for me) to concentrate on Jimmy's guitar playing or Bonzo's Awesome drumming (not to dissuade the bass playing of Jonesy or the vocals of Percy). Actually, I think that this may be the best live version of this song that I have ever heard. http://youtu.be/X9J9kEqY_9Q Listen and see if You agree.
  3. That was a very interesting article. Not that it matters or makes any difference to the article, however, it seems that the author writes that, "crashing Zeppelin sounds swept the audience onto another plain and the timing of their applause..." If I am correct, I think he meant to say "plane" (as in "astral" plane). Not "plain" (as in unordinary). Who knows, and like I said anyway, nice article.
  4. I like Prince. I may not know or have heard every song he ever made but I do respect him as a musician and performer. I do think that every song on "Purple Rain" is fantastic. "Darling Nikki" and the "Beautiful Ones" are Great songs. Obviously, Prince is also a big Led Zeppelin fan.
  5. http://youtu.be/zLoWP_u4nnc This song may have already been posted in this topic, however, I am not going to scour this entire topic to find it. Even if it has been, I believe it deserves another post because of the scarcity of Led Zeppelin actually performing "When the Levee Breaks" live.
  6. http://youtu.be/ljS_19eF_bw How about this? Is this considered "rare" for a Led Zeppelin improvisation?
  7. Paul McCartney as a "Beatle" or Paul McCartney as a "Solo" artist? Of course Paul as a Beatle is far more superior to His work as a solo artist. However, I really do think that Paul McCartney's "solo" song, "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five" is one of my favorite songs of all-time. Just listen and decide for Yourself.
  8. I read in one of my ZOSO fanzines that Peter Grant and Led Zeppelin contacted the acclaimed film-maker Stanley Kubrick and asked him to direct what would eventually become the "Song Remains the Same". Apparently Kubrick responded back and said that with his schedule that he was unavailable at that time (1973). Do you know if this is actually true? I have read that Jimmy Page was a fan of Stanley Kubrick and his movie, "2001: a Space Odyssey". Also, Jimmy has said that the "Object" from "Presence" was partially a play on Kubrick's Obelisk scene in the movie "2001". Most of US also know that Bonzo and Mick Hinton used to wear the same outfits that the "Droogs" wore in Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". Another positive reference to Stanley Kubrick and his directorial prowess.
  9. I have the "ZOSO" magazine issue "No. 64 (Year Six, Number Five)" with a young Jimmy Page on the cover, head slightly cocked to his left and holding a Miller High Life can with both hands. Inside, on the first page of the 'notes' section is a two paragraph statement that reads as follows: "This issue and all my subsequent work in (sic) dedicated to the memory of the Love of my Life, Liza P******, who died on May 26th 1992. I knew her for six long, lovely months and our Love sweetly evolved into a closeness of mind and heart that is beyond speech or memory. If I could be with her now...I would do so. Our Love was simply---utterly---miraculous. Alas, gone now; I shall miss you terribly. Rest in joyous peace my Angel, I pray. Taylor. Lastly, I have the "ZOSO" issue "65 (Year Six, Number Six)" with a picure of a smiling Jimmy onstage in the foreground (Plant in the background) with his Les Paul hung low and his arms across his chest in the shape of an "X". On page 12 of this issue is the following statement: "ZOSO IS BACK. After a few months of delay, ZOSO is back. My personal tragedy took its toll with a hazy inner will and, a pulsing dullness. It was hard to get up in the morning and to pull in a breath much less laying-out a 65th issue of some Led Zeppelin thing I think I remember putting out...But life zooms on. And you wonder so many things. But, your letters and cards and FAXs helped rope me back to the Led Zeppelin Gathering Place. Really, without ALL of your words and laments ZOSO would have probably fallen besides the path, as I so surely almost did. Thank you for all your understanding and Led-ed support. You truly are a bunch. As Page said: "The Ever Onward". Taylor. Although Taylor seemed to believe that "ZOSO" was back, this, I believe, turned out to be the Swan Song or Coda of the "Zoso" fanzine. Regardless, "ZOSO" was the ultimate Led Zeppelin Gathering Place back in its Time. Taylor, wherever You are, I would like to personally "Thank You" for your ultimate contribution in keeping the Led Zeppelin Ethic alive and well.
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