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  1. Just curious as to why You would say that the "Knebworth 1979 concerts: Atrocious video and audio quality"? Have You seen the two Knebworth 1979 (8/4/79 and 8/11/79) full concerts on dvd? If You have, it may be possible that You have or have seen "atrocious video and audio quality" of these concerts. I have had these two Led Zeppelin Knebworh 1979 concerts on dvd for over 3 years now and the dvd I have of these shows are very far from being "atrocious". In fact, they are very good and most enjoyable to view any time I feel like watching them. I have no single idea what "generation"
  2. "I Can't Quit You Baby", live from Los Angeles, January 5, 1969. From this recording it is hard (for me) to concentrate on Jimmy's guitar playing or Bonzo's Awesome drumming (not to dissuade the bass playing of Jonesy or the vocals of Percy). Actually, I think that this may be the best live version of this song that I have ever heard. http://youtu.be/X9J9kEqY_9Q Listen and see if You agree.
  3. That was a very interesting article. Not that it matters or makes any difference to the article, however, it seems that the author writes that, "crashing Zeppelin sounds swept the audience onto another plain and the timing of their applause..." If I am correct, I think he meant to say "plane" (as in "astral" plane). Not "plain" (as in unordinary). Who knows, and like I said anyway, nice article.
  4. It makes me wonder if the solo from "Stairway to Heaven" would still rank as the best guitar solo of all-time if Jimmy would have used any of the other two solos he originally recorded for this song. Most of know that Jimmy has said that He recorded three solos (each one completely different from the other) and chose the one that He felt was the Best, hence the solo that We all know and Love. I would kill to hear the other two solos that were left on the cutting room floor. I am sure that they are Awesome in their own right, but I know that it would have given "Stairway to Heaven" a complet
  5. I actually have no problem with YouTube. Almost any song or video by almost singer, musician or band I want to see or hear is only a few keystrokes away. Whenever, I want to listen to the Spinners or DIO or the Go-Go's or Rush or Led Zeppelin (or whomever), it is right there for me to enjoy. Like I mentioned in my post #4, what really irratates me is the fact that Warner Chapell is now/are now blocking some great live Led Zeppelin full concerts that were there only a couple of months ago. Whether or not this is in conjuction with YouTube, I have no idea. I just feel that whatever entit
  6. From "Happy Birthday" wishes to Jimmy Page to "Get Well" wishes to Tony Iommi in the matter of one (or two) days. "Get Well Soon", Tony!!! I am looking very forward to seeing You, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill sometime this year.
  7. Happy Birthday James Patrick Page!!! You are the Greatest and Most Influential Guitar Player of All-Time!!! I Love You Man!!! P.S. I know that there are Millions of other fans from around the World that will agree with me. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Led Zeppelin concerts that I had that were "Blocked" on YouTube: Germany 1970 Virginia 1971 Baltimore 1972 New York 1972 Liverpool 1973 New York 1973 Mobile 1973 San Dieo 1973 Brussels 1975 Vancouver 1975 Seattle 1975 Houston 1977 Los Angeles 1977 San Francisco 1977... I am not a Person that gets mad very easily, however, It does bother me that all these and other Great Live Led Zeppelin concerts get/got "blocked" for any reason. I mean, whoever or whatever entity that wants to deprieve the "True" fans access to these "historic" recordings based on some monetary concern,
  9. Here is one that is still available: http://youtu.be/XcLHry7dYWQ
  10. Has anyone else who happened to enjoy listening to full Led Zeppelin Live Bootlegs on YouTube noticed that alot of these show have been removed (or deleted)? I "collected" alot of these Live Full Length Led Zeppelin shows in my YouTube History only to find out that many of them are no longer available to listen to and enjoy. The "official" statement is: "This video contains content from Warner Chappel, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. Sorry about that". Out of the 50+ concerts I have (had), at least 15 of them have now been "blocked". At one time, not too l
  11. Just my opinion, as it is yours, but if Rory Gallagher is the "better" guitarist, how come when it comes to the debate of who the "Best" Guitarists of all-time are, Rory Gallagher is seldom mentioned, if ever mentioned? I believe that Jimmy Page has influenced many more guitar players than any other Guitar Player EVER, including Jimi Hendrix. Again, just my opinion. Edited: to say that the picture of Jimmy and Rory in the post #2, Rory looks like a young Rusell Crowe with long hair.
  12. I also wish there was more live, pro-shot video footage of Led Zeppelin in concert. At least one or two full concert videos from all of their tours. Imagine pro-shot, band authorized, video of Led Zeppelin from the Fillmore West in 1969 all the way up to and including Led Zeppelin's Last Stand in Berlin, Germany on July 7, 1980. I do have the last two Earl's Court 1975 concerts as well as Seattle 1977 and both Knebworth 1979 concerts on dvd. For a band like Led Zeppelin, that toured the way They did and gave the fans everything They had, I do think that it is sad that these are the only
  13. I like Prince. I may not know or have heard every song he ever made but I do respect him as a musician and performer. I do think that every song on "Purple Rain" is fantastic. "Darling Nikki" and the "Beautiful Ones" are Great songs. Obviously, Prince is also a big Led Zeppelin fan.
  14. http://youtu.be/zLoWP_u4nnc This song may have already been posted in this topic, however, I am not going to scour this entire topic to find it. Even if it has been, I believe it deserves another post because of the scarcity of Led Zeppelin actually performing "When the Levee Breaks" live.
  15. http://youtu.be/ljS_19eF_bw How about this? Is this considered "rare" for a Led Zeppelin improvisation?
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