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  1. I read somewhere that Jimmy's black beauty was returned to him. Has this been confirmed? Great to see these old photos.
  2. His passing is a surprise. He certainly looked fit and working his magic. He was producing a new HBO show I'm taken with, The Brink, probably one of many projects. George Clooney said in a statement "......... And to those who didn’t know him we send our deepest sympathy. You would have loved him.” I'm sure that about sums it up. Really sad, but a life well lived. RIP
  3. Have I died and gone to heaven? Thanks for posting Funky and Patrycja thanks for the pics (looks like Jack's tour photographers work). Jack and Robert are a natural paring of course. Don't they both live in Nashville, well Robert part-time. Freaking cool that was!
  4. I don't know enough about restrictions for Grade I or II listed buildings but if it is typical of most heritage type properties, wouldn't the extensive work planned for William's home be under restrictions and therefore scrutiny? Jimmy has spent a good deal of money for expert advice and reports. You must have deep pockets for this fight!
  5. How can you make such severe changes to a leased property without the owners application? I'm aware of leasehold improvements but this seems extreme. The additional plans look more like a hotel than a private residence. Why doesn't Williams look to a neighbourhood that can accommodate such square footage and save himself a headache. Surely Chelsea council will veto such drastic changes to a Grade II building? Michael Winner seems like he was a really kind person. Words os wisdom there, spend more time with your parents. Thank goodness mine liked LZ...... and taught us to play nicely w
  6. It has been years since I last seen Tower House and I don't recall the garage, but could it once have been a carriage house or stable? It doesn't show on the plans so probably an addition. Smart car? Jimmy doesn't drive but yes an Aston or at least a Jag, I mean, to fit it. Nothing wrong with a Bentley! lol But if Jimmy is "green", it wouldn't hurt my feelings either.
  7. Grade 1 and II listed properties are high maintenance and expensive to maintain. I don't know if I'd be willing to take on a pair. Will there be friendly chats over the garden fence? Not that I can add anything to this particular Jimmy story, but I recently learned that I had a relative who lived at Tower House in the 1940's. I have since wondered if Jimmy would let me in and have a look around.
  8. Besides being a rich folk problem, the houses in that area are of a type. If you buy in that neighbourhood, you should have the decency to keep those magnificent old mansions as the architect intended - everyone else has. Hope JP wins at council.
  9. I think it has been debated here. It is an August entry but the photo wasn't taken in August. I personally think it's around 1977.
  10. Book stamping? Like an autograph?? I'm really enjoying Jimmy's book.
  11. John Paul Jones is there in Rockestra as well.
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