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  1. I read somewhere that Jimmy's black beauty was returned to him. Has this been confirmed? Great to see these old photos.
  2. I don't know enough about restrictions for Grade I or II listed buildings but if it is typical of most heritage type properties, wouldn't the extensive work planned for William's home be under restrictions and therefore scrutiny? Jimmy has spent a good deal of money for expert advice and reports. You must have deep pockets for this fight!
  3. How can you make such severe changes to a leased property without the owners application? I'm aware of leasehold improvements but this seems extreme. The additional plans look more like a hotel than a private residence. Why doesn't Williams look to a neighbourhood that can accommodate such square footage and save himself a headache. Surely Chelsea council will veto such drastic changes to a Grade II building? Michael Winner seems like he was a really kind person. Words os wisdom there, spend more time with your parents. Thank goodness mine liked LZ...... and taught us to play nicely with the neighbours!
  4. It has been years since I last seen Tower House and I don't recall the garage, but could it once have been a carriage house or stable? It doesn't show on the plans so probably an addition. Smart car? Jimmy doesn't drive but yes an Aston or at least a Jag, I mean, to fit it. Nothing wrong with a Bentley! lol But if Jimmy is "green", it wouldn't hurt my feelings either.
  5. Grade 1 and II listed properties are high maintenance and expensive to maintain. I don't know if I'd be willing to take on a pair. Will there be friendly chats over the garden fence? Not that I can add anything to this particular Jimmy story, but I recently learned that I had a relative who lived at Tower House in the 1940's. I have since wondered if Jimmy would let me in and have a look around.
  6. Besides being a rich folk problem, the houses in that area are of a type. If you buy in that neighbourhood, you should have the decency to keep those magnificent old mansions as the architect intended - everyone else has. Hope JP wins at council.
  7. I view the Jimmy merch as a democratic thing. If you don't like what is on offer, do not buy it. Nothing speaks louder than dismal sales.
  8. One mans trash is another mans treasure! Who are we to judge?
  9. You got that right! Tie-dyed T's, oh yes please. Can't believe he picked any of that extremely tacky merch on offer!
  10. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-05-15/led-zeppelins-stairway-to-heaven-vs-dot-spirits-taurus-a-reckoning I don't know if this has been posted but it is an amusing little game. Thanks juxtiphi for your music post. Of course it is not the same as you have pointed out.
  11. I can't view the video - likely because I'm in Canada. Is Colbert slamming Zep with what is already old news?
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