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  1. I keep thinking of that Tina Turner song 'steamy windows' lol
  2. ok, this is a video not a photo, but my goodness! I didn't realise 1993 was such a good year ;-). Or how my 19 year old self missed this on Top of the Pops..
  3. Love that photo! And I actually like men who smell of beer and ciggies a little bit
  4. Hello SozoZoso and all other plantaides, hope you are well . Well, Glastonbury tickets have arrived - we're taking the kids too as it's a family friendly affair and we'll be on our way back home from a week in Cornwall. Luckily they're only young so hopefully I won't embarrass them too much lol.. I can imagine if he was in a local pub, and if I was there - I think I would probably just end up losing the plot and talking gibberish
  5. I am very excited about Glastonbury - hoping he's wandering around the town earlier in the day or in one of the pubs ;-)
  6. It's quite common for people to eat baked potatoes on Guy Fawkes night, although usually just done in the oven these days I think. A lot less people do fires/fireworks at home these days, and there's a lot more organised displays in parks etc. Other popular bonfire night food includes hotdogs, treacle toffee and toffee apples. Odd bunch that we are :-)!
  7. Thankyou We had an interesting one - hubby did fireworks, our eldest loved them, little one ran inside crying!
  8. The lovely and talented Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard
  9. ha ha, Robert and Jimmy are certainly better looking than any of my facebook friends..here's what I found on facetwit (as my Dad calls it) tonight... I am actually liking twitter a bit more since Robert has started with it (although I think some of his posts are 'his own' and some are done by his management team etc)..hoping that he does a few tweets over the next few months now his tour has finished.
  10. Oh now that is nice! thank you
  11. At last, a proper use for facebook - finding nice photos
  12. Found this on facebook, has anyone got a bigger/better quality version?
  13. ^^love it Jessica Tambourines have never been so sexy - anyone got a 'holding a tambourine in the air' pic of our man to cheer up a wet morning in Northern England?
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