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  1. jackpot Well I have to say he's got the legs for it And the chest
  2. This is my deviantart-There are 2 drawings; one of Robert and one of Jimmy I did. http://jimmysfallenangel.deviantart.com/gallery/
  3. I'm a dark-haired, Capricorn guitarist who loves the Occult. Page!
  4. I'm not a lyric person, I like listening to Plant's pitch, tone, and sound, rather than the lyrics.
  5. It's just such a classic! I'm goin with the cake topper on Zep I.
  6. I want them to tour so badly...But I don't think it's going to happen. ;(
  7. I'd like to go see a Led Zeppelin concert, and we'll give god Justin Beiber in return to get Bonzo back.
  8. You can tell what I voted by my name. Would it hurt to be Jimmy's Les Paul while he's using his bow?
  9. I wasn't expecting so many people in the youngest age group...It's good that the next generation is catching on to the real stuff instead of all that nasty rap and pop.
  10. Biographies aren't the same...I want to hear the man behind the legend speak for himself.
  11. Dunno...But I like the one that Bonham drives in The Song Remains The Same.
  12. Hmmmm.... 1.Whole Lotta Love 2.Stairway to Heaven 3.Kashmir 4.I Can't Quit You Babe 5. Good Times Bad Times 6.Rock and Roll 7.When the Levee Breaks 8.Black Dog 9.Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid 10.Achilles Last Stand I didn't put Stairway as number 1 so people wouldn't think I'm a bad fan and hate on me. This is too hard, anyway. Top 5! Maybe at least, a top ten? Please?
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