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  1. 6/21/77 is one of my favorites, solely for the fact that Bonzo's drumming is insane!
  2. Happy Birthday, 5/31/73 Listened to that earlier, great version! Theres something about the '73 Celebration Days, they're so HEAVY!
  3. Though I didn't JUST hear it, a few weeks ago I heard The Song Remains the Same on my normal rock station. I was pleasantly surprised, cause usually the station plays the "hits"
  4. I love that part! Really adds to the vibe of actually being there. Definitely my fave Stairway of the run. Listening to Heartbreaker 2/12/75
  5. All My Love 6/29/80. This and the Frankfurt version are awesome.
  6. In my opinion, this song should have been retired by '75 (with exceptions). My favorite version is 2/27/72 (just wish the beginning wasn't cut!), with the version off HTWWW in second. There was this really unique version in '71 that I LOVE, but I can't remember the date right now.
  7. I listened to the acoustic set from 6/27/77 for the first time on my way to work this morning, and WOW! My favorite from '77, and favorite Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp bar none. My other favorites would include 9/4/70, 9/14/71, all of Japan '71, 2/27/72 (my favorite from '72), 6/25/72 and I love the Earls Court set, and the added visuals are just a bonus. Edit: Gonna throw in the acoustic performance of White Summer from the Julie Felix show. Even though it isn't a concert, its a stunning version.
  8. About to start that one up in honor of the day. My fave '75 DaC.
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