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  1. 6/21/77 is one of my favorites, solely for the fact that Bonzo's drumming is insane!
  2. One day they'll release 3/21/75 on sbd and all my dreams will come true
  3. My super deluxe box sets came in today. Simply stunning. Great quality all around, the book uses thick paper too. I'm definitely impressed with the packaging and the feel. The remasters themselves are incredible, its like I'm right there in the studio! Can't wait for the others!
  4. Happy Birthday, 5/31/73 Listened to that earlier, great version! Theres something about the '73 Celebration Days, they're so HEAVY!
  5. Though I didn't JUST hear it, a few weeks ago I heard The Song Remains the Same on my normal rock station. I was pleasantly surprised, cause usually the station plays the "hits"
  6. Seriously, the Louie Louie/Everyday People/ Thank You is like my biggest holy grail right now. Just awesome.
  7. I love that part! Really adds to the vibe of actually being there. Definitely my fave Stairway of the run. Listening to Heartbreaker 2/12/75
  8. All My Love 6/29/80. This and the Frankfurt version are awesome.
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