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  1. Hi, I'm sorry I'm late, but I forgot my password. :0)

  2. Well said. The reason why I found myself enjoying The Amazing Spiderman movie more than I thought I would was because there was more buildup and development than in the previous ones. If a movie just consisted of constant explosions and noise without a plot, might as well play a first person shooter game. Good point there, too.
  3. My mom is 38, and my dad is 40. Haha.
  4. Both my parents complained about it too...(I'm 15.)
  5. I did too, they could of just removed the first half of the movie and it would of still been amazing, and even better since it wouldn't have been so dang long. Three hours, and at least the first hour could of been taken out.
  6. CassieCros13


    For those of you who saw The Dark Knight Rises movie, what did you think? (Other Batman/superhero things can be discussed too.)
  7. I'm new to this forum, and haven't seen a thread on this yet so I started one myself. What song lyrics from Led Zeppelin stand out to you the most?
  8. The last movie I saw was the Dark Knight Rises. The beginning dragged, but the ending was so amazing that it was worth it. Still, 3 hours, at least the first hour could be cut to make the movie still amazing. Just my opinion.
  9. Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are my two favorite bands ever, their music is so different I don't find anything in comparing the two. Harrison is my favorite. I just love the song Eleanor Rigby, and I sang both "Let It Be" and "Imagine" for school talent shows last year.
  10. I was going to see Van Halen, before they canceled the remainer of their tour. My friend invited me to go to Rise Against with her so that's my next concert. Still, it sucks that I never got to see Van Halen.
  11. I make artwork of the band, but I lost all of it after moving. But I collect albums, shirts, and all that which are stored in boxes now.
  12. None other than Hell's Kitchen. Gotta love Chef Ramsay yelling at ignorant chefs. "IT'S RAAAAAWWWW!!!!"
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