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  1. No growth? I think so, it's brilliant, very diverse; tracks like Too Bad, Shooting Stars, Feral Roots, All Directions, and Stood By Me are styles of songs they've never done before and they come off quite well IMO. The best band on the planet right now..... ^^^
  2. Incredible album, I've listened to it 20 times straight thru already. Jay Buchanan sounds incredible as does the whole band on this. This album needs to be listened to in its entirety straight through, don't cherry pick tracks; it flows really well the way it's tracked. There's a track called Stood By Me that sounds like it came off Sticky Fingers, amazing! Now, I'm going to cherry pick some of my personal fave's..LOL
  3. So fucking talented and good, Jesus.......
  4. This is well within Jay's range, the guy takes serious risks with his art; see Black Coffee cover. I think this is brilliant and raw:
  5. Sabbath and Rival sons @ L.A. Forum, then the next night Rival Sons solo show at the Observatory in Santa Ana.
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