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  1. A million times yes! TYG is my absolute favorite Zep song and it's not one they did live very often (or very well - see above, re: all of the guitars). I was SO EXCITED to hear the Crows with Page play it and then Chris Robinson opened his mouth!
  2. I like the Page / Crows stuff musically - all the guitars available on stage (versus just Jimmy having to record the different guitar parts himself in the studio) creates a fantastic sound! However, while I like Chris Robinson's lyrics on Black Crows songs, he doesn't do the Zep stuff justice. You can't just stick any singer in there. Example, I think Ann Wilson is able to cover Zep fantastically, but I've heard her cover Who songs and it's terrible. Eddie Vedder can cover Who songs brilliantly though. I'm not a singer myself, but there must be something with pitch / timber / face shape, etc.
  3. I have blonde, curly hair and I am very jealous of Robert's hair! I'd like to know how he got it to look so good all through the '70's!
  4. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing different or "working" versions of songs. Makes you wonder how / why they came up with the version they ultimately went with. If I had the honor of meeting any of my favorite artists, my # 1 question would be around the songwriting / arranging process. Fascinating!
  5. I love STB! Great reactions and commentary. I had a thought the other day. Mr. EaglesOfOneNest and I were having lunch at a generic chain restaurant that's near where we work, so we eat there frequently. The only thing we HATE about it is the inane, bubblegum, auto-tune pop crap they play in the background. I'd rather hear silence, or even static and it's a major turn off (we are sensitive; there is a place by our house that we walked out of because of the dreaded REGGAETON on the sound system!). Anyway, brought up a question for me. Back in the golden era of classic rock; mid 1960's through late 1970's, was there some equivalent to the pop crap we have today and was it widely played (and then forgotten?). 25 years from now, will there be any memorable music from this era?
  6. Wow, I really liked that! Thanks for sharing. I had vaguely heard of Tame Impala before... definitely going to check them out now!
  7. I'm too young to have seen them live, but a few years ago, I saw Jason Bonham at a small venue. After the show, we were chatting with a guy that had seen Zep live during the '77 tour. I was curious about seeing Zep live and was peppering him with questions. He said he thought Jason's show was better and I was shocked! But, he said being in the back of a massive arena with shitty '70's acoustics just didn't compare to being up close in a small venue with a modern sound system. Since I was 6 when they broke up, I can't compare, but I can certainly see his point.
  8. I agree, I think GVF is a good hybrid of Rush, Led Zep and their own thing. I really like them. Saw them in May and they put on a great show!
  9. I love the Crunge and I did know that bit about James Brown. FTR, I also like Hot Dog. I love that Zep defies categorization musically!
  10. Just finished it last night, WOWZA!!!!! So good and what an EXCELLENT use of Led Zep's music!!! That was perfect!
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