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  1. Wow, I really liked that! Thanks for sharing. I had vaguely heard of Tame Impala before... definitely going to check them out now!
  2. I'm too young to have seen them live, but a few years ago, I saw Jason Bonham at a small venue. After the show, we were chatting with a guy that had seen Zep live during the '77 tour. I was curious about seeing Zep live and was peppering him with questions. He said he thought Jason's show was better and I was shocked! But, he said being in the back of a massive arena with shitty '70's acoustics just didn't compare to being up close in a small venue with a modern sound system. Since I was 6 when they broke up, I can't compare, but I can certainly see his point.
  3. I agree, I think GVF is a good hybrid of Rush, Led Zep and their own thing. I really like them. Saw them in May and they put on a great show!
  4. I love the Crunge and I did know that bit about James Brown. FTR, I also like Hot Dog. I love that Zep defies categorization musically!
  5. Just finished it last night, WOWZA!!!!! So good and what an EXCELLENT use of Led Zep's music!!! That was perfect!
  6. I hate Billy Joel. Nothing drives me into a rage faster than hearing his music. I also hate-watched a documentary about him and learned that - SURPRISE! - he's a terrible human being and treated his band, especially the very talented Liberty DeVitto, like absolute crap.
  7. Disagree with your comment about his band (they're fantastic but so is GVF) but I love Gary Clarke, Jr. He played a small venue near my house and I'm SORELY disappointed that I missed it.
  8. I saw them Tuesday in Miami and was considering driving up to Orlando to catch them again on Friday. They put on a great show! I loved it; Ida Mae wasn't bad either.
  9. Saw Greta Van Fleet last night and it was AWESOME!! Considering driving up to Orlando to catch them again on Friday
  10. What a great video of one of my favorite Zep songs! Thanks for sharing. What was that bit with Robert and the elderly woman all about? She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself!
  11. David Bowie had a similar look during his "thin white Duke" era - I'd put it down to drugs, 100%, and not some kind of ingrained ideology. It seems a strange sartorial choice for Brits that had been so terrorized by Nazi Germany, but who knows what goes through a drug-addled brain?
  12. Awesome photos, all of them. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Yes, precisely... the "fifth member" of Led Zeppelin was Led Zeppelin - the chemistry or aura or unexplained element that came from those four people and their creativity TOGETHER. Any one of them in another band might not have tapped into that energy. The band is bigger than just the sum of its parts
  14. I am not ashamed to admit that I like Hot Dog! It's not even close to my favorite Zep song but I like it; it's fun and a little cheesy. Regarding the offstage stuff... it's slightly disturbing when looked at through a current lens but it was par for the course for the time. For me, it doesn't add or detract to my love for the band's music. Plenty of people are very talented at their jobs or artistic pursuits and are terrible people (example, Steve Jobs). It doesn't detract from their talents. People are multi-faceted.
  15. How are you married to someone that hates Zep???
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