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  1. too hard.. 1) When The Levee Breakes 2) Out On The Tiles 3) Heartbreaker 4) Whole Lotta Love 5) Thank You 6) Nobody's Fault But Mine 7) Bring It On Home 8) Dazed and Confused 9) Since I've Been Loving You 10) The Rover
  2. I hate the tone of the guitar on the studio version of Dancing Days, yet I love that song live
  3. I'm sure it's been posted her already, but I really like this pic
  4. According to Wikipedia Page about the 1971 tour of Japan (http://en.wikipedia....anese_Tour_1971) it says that... - "Robert allegedly punched drummer John Bonham before one of the shows" - "One bloody amazing one happened in Japan when Robert came off stage with a split lip. It was over some dispute over some money from some tour. He still owed Bonzo some petrol money for 70 quid or something, but that's how it was!" Anyone know if these events really happened, and if so do you know more about it?
  5. I've been hearing Kashmir (Celebration Day Version) a lot.
  6. BC Drone


    Bonzo Nipslip, and Page's pink pants
  7. The Rover Four Sticks (Besides that one '71 show) Your Time is Gonna Come When The Levee Breaks (Should have done it more than just the start of the '75 tour)
  8. Out on the Tiles or Heartbreaker for me
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