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  1. Chicago Cubs in 2015. Google the name Kris Bryant and get ready for him to become the new face of NL baseball.
  2. Robert can't get enough of the southern hospitality in America! Last time he was in Tulsa, he hit up several pubs and went to a Kings of Leon (Oklahoma roots) show 2 nights before his show.
  3. TCV = Best post-Zep album by a former Zep band member! Kudos to JPJ.
  4. Looking forward to his new album and seeing him live next month. Is he touring with the female bassist (drawing a blank on her name!)? Which drummer will be on tour with him?
  5. If Americans are crazy enough to re-elect Obama, he will outspend all 43 of his predecessors COMBINED!!! This asinine spending spree has got to stop. Vote Republican in the 2010 elections to help stop some of the bleeding.
  6. How many tax dollars will be wasted to take down a harmless religious cult? Texas has created another embarrassment for itself once again.
  7. I might be sitting this election out. These remaining candidates suck. I don't want a life-long politician, but I also don't want someone who hasn't done a damn thing yet. Give me someone from the private sector that also has experience running a state government... Mitt. 2012 can't come any faster.
  8. Steve, Mitt simply saw the writing on the wall. McCain wasn't going to be beaten after his victory in Florida. Romney faced a huge uphill battle against McCain AND Huckabee, who is good at garnering support from evangelicals who would likely vote for Romney if Huckabee weren't in the race. So my question then is why are you so down on Romney for being realistic? Romney was a relatively unknown political figure this year and has turned himself into a household name after the strong campaign he ran. He is positioned well for a run in 2012, which seems likely right now with the strong a
  9. All 3 of you Republicans here need to get out and vote for Mitt today if you live in a super Tuesday state!!!!
  10. This man would have been a legend if he had been born a decade or two earlier. It's a shame that he's not a household name.
  11. Hey Hermit, since when did you start supporting war-mongers like Edwards!!! John Edwards on the war in Iraq
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