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  1. https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zuXan2yGbj4w.kH0HW9tCfkOA
  2. Partial collection posted by a mate.......he didn't show his massive book/magazine & t-shirt collection yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lnnRXtLLM4
  3. This from a fan on another forum. I thought it was quite inspired: The violin bow section of D&C invokes sounds of a 55 gallon drum thrown into an empty cement mixer covered in neon as it tumbles and bounces tangentially careening and echoes inside my skull. A light saber creates neon streaks and visions of Rebecca Romijn her watermelon flvored lips in a glow stick thong giggling as she twirls and tumbles powered by lasers and electronic astral fireflies all fastened to the rear of a speeding Bugatti Veyron-its 16 valves pumping adrenaline through its plumbing to propel us into space where the echoes and her laughter resonate from one end of the galaxy to another-perfectly in synch with the gaps in my synapse to fill in the blanks of everything missing in my imagination.
  4. I've got 900 keys on my hip my little jingling power trip I'm just acustodian or a farmer my keys my suit of armor I've got 900 keys on my hip they signal I've got authority so people respect me I've got 900 keys on my hip to conceal that I'm a scared child inside my fear my keys will hide I've got access to everything as I stride with my badge, my keyring to conceal that I'm a scared child inside they'll unlock everything except that scared child inside
  5. Led Zeppelin invokes feeling from memories long forgotten ...the scent in the air after a Spring rain has passed..Spent once charged atoms leave a residue of atmosphere in the electric air. The curious, heady and otherworldly circus has left its imprint on the town's fairgrounds ...the mud and echoes of activity..all hustle and bustle in the rain. The clouds evaporated and the sun brings the warmth of sentiments expressed by the band...warmth and whispers of other lands. A twinge of magic electrified the air as if anything could be possible for a moment among the maze of bushes and lawns adjoining the temporary circus grounds....littered with Coke bottles, popcorn boxes and testosterone. Perhaps it's the cotton candy energizing my mind and imagination ...perhaps its the raw sexuality expressed in the music that excites every cell in my being....converging both past and future to be in the moment now....the residue of prehistoric halcyon days or Dancing Days. Filling the gaps in my synapse. The laundry spinning in the dryer disperses warm, fragrant clean clouds of steam to mix with the deep blue and purplish sky after the thunderstorms. Honeysuckles recover from the rain to rejoice and blossom again. Through a green glass block window I witness the launch of Led Zeppelin, now afloat in their airship to travel to their next state fairgrounds and ignite the air once again....leaving in its wake, leaving all fair attendees dreamers under their spell. As the sun sets and casts a long orange curtain,a firefly flashes his beacon Morse code in the cool,still hedges....what secrets he’s witnessed.
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