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  1. https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zuXan2yGbj4w.kH0HW9tCfkOA
  2. I've had a long standing personal theory that some, if not all, of the sound check prior to the RAH performance was filmed*. I wonder if this is the case. And if so, were any of the truncated tracks played in their entirety? * pure speculation based on Robert holding two microphones in the few photos from the sound check.
  3. Partial collection posted by a mate.......he didn't show his massive book/magazine & t-shirt collection yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lnnRXtLLM4
  4. ( Posting this for a friend) I skimmed through an copy of 'Traps' magazine that features John Henry Bonham. http://www.entermusicstore.biz/traps-fall-2007.html In the article,the author mentions Bonzo owning a Lamborghini-twice,actually. Once he mentions that Jimmy has called John's home and is told that he's not yet returned from the tour to Jimmy's surprise. But just at that moment,the rumble of John approaching in his new Lamborghnin can be heard in the distance. This is the first I've heard anything about John owning a Lambo. I wonder what it looked like..what year and model.
  5. Sue Nami

    Reality TV

    Couldn't agree more MLE. I suppose its our fault for having higher television viewing standards for ourselves. And you make a really good point: There are a thousand channels and there's literally nothing to watch of any substance. I challenge any programmer to put on a channel devoted to history that's not a reality show. It is an economic issue where these shows are simply inexpensive to produce and the corporations that own these channels are looking for low cost and high revenue programming. So we get what we pay for. This isn't just my opinion either. I've heard the same sentiment f
  6. Sue Nami

    Reality TV

    Couldn't agree more! And by the way,I don't actually watch these shows I mentioned above. So there's not an issue of changing the channel to avoid it. Its just that the whole reality mentality has become too prevalent on promos while channel surfing in my desperate attempt to find something of redeeming value on television. My whole point is that its scary that we are all being dumbed down and complacent.
  7. Sue Nami

    Reality TV

    I've been away from the forum because I've been too busy reading books.
  8. Sue Nami

    Reality TV

    To clarify, I don't actually live in Japan. Much like my user name,my location is fictitious. I was born and raised here in the U.S. Thanks for the suggestions regarding Game of Thrones,Sopranos and Breaking Bad. I've heard lots of good things about GOT and BB but have yet to catch any of those shows. Sopranos was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.
  9. Sue Nami

    Reality TV

    There seems to have been a quiet change taking place on cable television over the past few years. Its been insidiously creeping into the channels one by one without many taking notice or caring. Its like a swampy cancer that has slowly overtaken the channels that we used to subscribe ( pay) for because it was a better alternative to network television. The original "reality" show was something like PBS' 'This Old House' some 25 years ago. But that was authentic realism in that the show was about a man restoring homes. Sometime in 1999 or so, some anonymous producer or programmer decided
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