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    Mount Laurel , New Jersey
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    I am a poet-singer-songwriter whose current project consists of writing & recording lyrics & melodies for Jimmy Page's unfinished instrumentals - my demos - recorded over downloads of those instrumentals - can be heard at my ReverbNation site, below.

    These are NOT official Jimmy Page works !


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  1. Thank you, Dallas, I am working on technique, now - I will study this, and am studying similar videos...
  2. I have often thought this might be the case; I sometimes do the same myself !
  3. What's so funny about a migraine ? I have them and I don't find them funny... I have seen this video and it is very clear what is going on... Jimmy actually says that he's getting a headache from having been on the airplane flight, and the subsequent scramble to get him water, and sunglasses - and to turn down the bright TV lights - makes it quite clear to me what kind of headache this is... poor Jimmy !
  4. Now Available ! My New Demo of My Melody and Lyrics for Jimmy Page's "The One That Got Away" (the Theme from JimmyPage.com) !

  5. if people had a problem with me, they could have put me on "ignore" instead of following my threads to harass me...

  6. Thank you to my 3 friends for being nice...it wasn't your fault, but after today I will be a voluntary read only member, so goodbye...and thanks again for being nice !

  7. My new demo of lyrics & melody for Jimmy Page's "Summer's Day" acoustic instrumental is now available. Once again, I have dubbed my vocals over Jimmy's instrumental, here downloaded from JimmyPage.com... ONLY THE VOCALS ARE MINE - THE GUITAR IS JIMMY'S (OF COURSE !). Here is the link: Kathleen Mary Parker Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
  8. I thought the posters on this thread might find this to be of interest, so here is a link (below) to my lyrics & melodies for Jimmy Page’s Embryos (with a couple others to additional Jimmy Page instrumentals coming along later...) . Embryo # 2, specifically, is the one called Fhear a’ Bhata - here I used a traditional lyric - there’s a version by Sandy Denny, though I learned it from Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir and Ed Trickett (from the album All Shall Be Well Again)... I substantially rearranged the melody and chorus reversed the order of two of the verses to fit Jimmy’s instrumental... I had always wanted to do a more intense version of this song... and Jimmy’s characteristically intense piece has given me a chance to do this..! Thank you, Jimmy ! The other two (and the future ones mentioned) are my own lyrics & melodies - here Jimmy has given me a use for my poetry writing - Thanks again, Jimmy ! Important Disclamer: I have dubbed my work over recordings of the instrumentals downloaded from Jimmy Page.com & YouTube - the instrumentals are Jimmy’s, of course, and NOT mine ! Here is the link: Kathleen Mary Parker Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
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