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  1. Cool find and still sealed after all these years. It must of made your day when you came across that tape. Great find.
  2. Thanks for posting, I like the song, it sounds pretty darn good. I dont think that the band " sounds just like Led Zeppelin " though, which is a good thing as I believe bands should have their own sound.
  3. I will also have to join you on top of Blueberry Hill. I just love this concert, the feel the vibe the medley for Whole Lotta Love as well as Communication Breakdown and of course the rare played tunes. I have listened to this concert at least 20 times and it always leaves me feeling on top of the world.
  4. They are a pretty decent band, been a fan since the 80's. I have two or three of there cds, their live album is good too. Seen them live once in the late 80's or early 90's. After listening to "things I do for money" it does have a Pink Floyd feel to it, good ear you have there.
  5. I like the theme from Mash, The Mary Tyler Moore show, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five O, Home Improvment. Just off the top of my head, I am sure there must be lots more good ones.
  6. I think your art work looks just great. I really love how you added the guitar to the greek god Apollo, as well as one of the great lines from Stairway to Heaven. I always am impressed with the way some people can draw or create pictures, I myself can barley draw a stick man. Keep up the good work.
  7. Right On, great pic if you have any more feel free to post.
  8. I hate the time change as well, this change in the spring when we set our clocks ahead one hour is the worst, takes me a good week or so to get back swinging. It really is a stupid thing that screws alot of people up. Just leave it alone and life will carry on just fine.
  9. Dont know what happened to my above post, only wanted Nutrockers quote once. Could a Mod please fix this. Thank you.
  10. I agree as usual with everything Nutrocker says, I would just like to add that not only does the quality of the recording depend on the quality of the recording equipment used as well as good seats to record from, but also the natural accoustics of the venue the concert takes place in. A lot of the venues were really buildings designed for sporting events, etc and not for musical accoustics. When Zep's live audience got to the size that venues like sports arenas had to used to hold all the fans I would wager that if these buildings had been designed with acoustics in mind we would have many
  11. Does anybody know if this event will have any Canadian locations?
  12. Wow! That performance of Space Child is just totally great. I would love to get a copy of that on compact disc so I could play it over and over and over etc.
  13. What can one say about Barney Bentall, just a great Canadian song writer. I have almost all of his albums and love every one of them. His recordings appeal to large crossection of people.
  14. Absolutely great post, Kashmir was great and to finish with the Immigrant Song was the icing on the cake. Now there is a bunch of children who will always remember The Led Zeppelin.
  15. I was exactly like the first sentence of your post. I thought I would never listen to the studio albums ever again. However after many many years of not listening to them I now find them fresh and exciting again and am greatly enjoying them. I think I sort of burned myself out on all the live materiel over the years. And I will wager after a period of time goes by I will again find the live materiel fresh and exciting as well. I think it is a circle game.
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