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  1. I like the theme from Mash, The Mary Tyler Moore show, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five O, Home Improvment. Just off the top of my head, I am sure there must be lots more good ones.
  2. Dont know what happened to my above post, only wanted Nutrockers quote once. Could a Mod please fix this. Thank you.
  3. I agree as usual with everything Nutrocker says, I would just like to add that not only does the quality of the recording depend on the quality of the recording equipment used as well as good seats to record from, but also the natural accoustics of the venue the concert takes place in. A lot of the venues were really buildings designed for sporting events, etc and not for musical accoustics. When Zep's live audience got to the size that venues like sports arenas had to used to hold all the fans I would wager that if these buildings had been designed with acoustics in mind we would have many more nice sounding boots to listen to. I have heard people say I saw these guys or those guys live back in the day and the concert sounded terrible, they sucked. I always have wondered did the band really suck or were they really putting on a good show and it was just bad accoustics giving the illusion that they sucked.
  4. Wow! That performance of Space Child is just totally great. I would love to get a copy of that on compact disc so I could play it over and over and over etc.
  5. I dont know if Led Zeppelin made the right decision to break up after John Bonhams untimely death. But that is the decision they made and should be respected. Maybe they could have recruited another drummer and gone on to more great success, but that did not happen and therefore we will never know. I guess all I am trying to say is they hopefully made the right decision for themselves, they sure did seem to follow the golden rule of showmanship....always leave them wanting more.
  6. If you haven't already try listening to the shows with headphones, I find headphones can really help make the lesser quality recordings more enjoyable. And yeah 1/5/69 is a great performance, another great performance is 1/26/69 Boston, the recording is not quite as clear or balanced as 1/5/69 but the performance more than makes up for what the recording lacks. Gotta love 1969 Zeppelin.
  7. Dont know why this posted so many times, could a moderator please delete the extra's. Thank you.
  8. What are the differences between the release of How the West Was Won compared to the release of How The West Was Redone. Thanks to all who reply.
  9. Buffalo, 10.30.69. To bad the recording ran out half way through How Many More Times. Good show. Northstar.
  10. Led Zeppelin, February 1, 1969, Fillmore east. New York.
  11. Some really interesting collectables you have there 58lespaul. Had fun reading the close ups. Thanks for sharing. Northstar.
  12. "Dont let the fact that everyone else is doing it wrong stop you from doing it right" Quote (at least by me) unknowen
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