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  1. I think people always neglect to feel any sort of sympathy for Yoko where it is actually required. The poor woman was accused by the media and fans for years and years for breaking up the "best band in the world" and she was subject to so much hate from so many people who picked her out for her race and sex - no one knows about "John Rennon's Escrusive Gloupie" and all the ridicule she faced. Not to mention that she then had to watch her husband die in her arms and then all the fallout ensued with Paul over songwriting credits and she was again antagonised for wanting to honour John's memory. And Ono's philanthropic work goes largely uncredited. I acknowledge that her music is definitely not superior, but the messages and concepts behind them are more important than anything else and I don't think enough people respect her as a political activist, and rather just remember her as John Lennon's Asian girlfriend.
  2. $9.50 handling fee for ticketmaster online purchases.Excuse me, but what the fuck? It's online. You literally have to press a button and I print out the ticket myself. Fuck this shit, it's ludicrous.
  3. Yes, but I've never seen Fleetwood Mac or The Stones' and I wasn't around when they were popular, so this is literally my only chance to see them because they're not getting any younger.
  4. My frustration has been slowly accumulating ever since my $180 concert ticket at the Sydney Opera House in 2010 and now I'm fuming. Fleetwood Mac at Sydney Entertainment Centre are charging $200 for 'gold' section 35 seats (the yellow section below). The blue is silver section for $150 and the orange is bronze section for $100. I'm sick and tired of bands stating that they "play for the fans" and then charging $200 for seats that are actually pretty shitty. And sadly, Fleetwood Mac isn't even the crux of the problem, it's The Rolling Stones that are being the most ridiculous. Overall, concerts are just getting too damned expensive.
  5. I loved it! Some of the ladies did seem to be quite stuck in the past and have spent the past thirty years stagnating and longing for the glory days, but I think it was very much interesting to actually hear about the groupies firsthand. It offered a perspective other than the one that we've been fed by the media - the groupie name has been sullied for so long, I'm commend these women for trying reclaiming it.
  6. It's part of the Yoko Ono Meltdown? I'm actually so glad to hear that she's back in concert now, but it's sad knowing that she'd probably never come to Australia seeing as she hated it here so much
  7. I have a very mild form of insomnia and I often wake up randomly in the middle of the night. When I do, I just lie in bed listening to Led Zeppelin for hours and hours on end until I have to get out of bed and drink a double shot flat white to stay awake. The sad life of a student.
  8. Another random fact regarding Charlotte and Jimmy... According to a plantation (can't remember the exact date), Scarlett was conceived "about half an hour" after That's The Way was written at Bron-yr-aur
  9. I think teenagers acting the way that they do happens because of socialising agents such as the media and all other pedgogical functions of parenthood and having friends etc. We probably act the way we do and fulfil every teenage stereotype because it's expected of us. Being a teenger is just another phase, the drugs, the alcohol, the recalcitrance and the attitude all comes with what society expects of being a teenager.
  10. ^ Thank you I feel as though adults go on and on about how bad teenagers are, but they're the ones that raised us
  11. If there's a Beautiful Women's thread, why not a Lust for Robert one?
  12. Thank you for acknowledging this!!!! Most people past uni that I talk to about my school workload tell me to stop complaining because "it's not that hard", and I just want to scream at them or make them try doing permutations and combinations. See how they feel afterwards, it's stressful as hell. And yes, you got it! There is so much pressure to be sexual promiscuous and sexually active. Even clothing manufacturers sell tiny little short shorts and bustiers as actual clothing and there's hardly any choice other than revealing clothing for teenage girls. As a young person myself, I actually buy most of my clothing vintage or second hand, because all the clothing they sell these days is just too ridiculously revealing for me to feel comfortable in. Hail to the patriarchy.
  13. I was quite hesitant to post my opinion on ANZAC Day, because, well, it's quite controversial and I guess I have a real personal detatchment when it comes to ANZAC Day, because Gallipoli is just an entire other era for me and war is something I've never been effected by. I do acknowledge that ANZAC Day is a day to respect and honour, and I do have the utmost respect for the diggers BUT I don't like all the social constructs we Aussie's have created around ANZAC Day. Our collective obsession with it has completely warped our understanding of Aussie history. I'm in Year 11 right now, and I'll I learnt for four years in high school history classes was about the ANZACs and a very dimunitive and brief covering of Aboriginal history. There's alot more to Australian history then just WWI and I wish that the syllabus would acknowledge it, rather then reduce it all down to the military. Two years ago, I read a book called "What's Wrong With ANZAC?: The Militarisation of Australian History" and the book pretty much argues that ANZAC has become a conservative political force in Australia and questions whether ANZAC’S renowned foreign battles were worth all of the bloodshed. The author is quite frank and brutal with their opinions, but it's very worthwhile to read. I understand that my opinion is quite controversial, and I guess you would probably think it unjustified, but it's just my personal perspective.
  14. ^ I'm going off on a tangent here, but mens fashion is so limited and somewhat restrictive? Even with hairstyles, there's so little deviation.
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