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  1. Well, he must be aware that if he attends a Lez Zeppelin concert, it is a kind of an endorsement. They will surely sell more concert tickets now.
  2. I was not talking about an ultimatum, but about help, but I don't think there were many recovering rock star drug addict support groups in the 70s. Maybe some compassion and support from the people that were closest to the band, who just seem to diss Page and Bonham.
  3. Throughout the second half of the book, I felt the only people who took Jimmy's side were Ross Halfin and Brad Tolinski, which was quite sad. It was all about him being on drugs and Bonham drinking, but no one really offered any kind of help or support. It's just what I got from the book, not saying it was really that way.
  4. Why should they play anyway? I understand people like Springsteen, who is from NJ wanting to get involved in such a thing or other local bands... but from some comments I read on other sites, they imply that the band should care more about NYC... why? not one of them lives there or was born there and if they feel it won't be a good idea, then their decision should be respected. Now this non-news story is all over the internet and as people said above, just to make the band look like assholes... they don't owe anyone anything...
  5. Could the fact that Crowley wrote something about Zeppelins when he was a journalist in USA have an impact on Page naming the band Led Zeppelin? I understand that the phrase mentioned by Keith Moon (or Entwistle) was Lead Balloon not Zeppelin. Just a thought, correct me if I'm wrong about the balloon/zeppelin thing.
  6. Is it this one? Or is there a more recent one? This photo is dated Christmas Day 2005.
  7. Didn't he say that he doesn't miss playing as much as we would think? Also, he said he is working on something new before and probably feels he can't say no right now. Robert has an advantage because he has so many years of solo career, a new album does not cause as much hype. If Jimmy does release something it's going to be a huge deal and this puts just too much pressure on him, he no longer has the safety of three of the greatest musicians in their prime working with him anymore, maybe he doesn't have anyone suitable to bounce ideas off, that's why he likes working with Robert and JPJ, it j
  8. As far as the interpretation goes, in how many variations can you sing Black Dog? It has sounded the same to me since he was with Alison Krauss... He is comfortable with the groups he has because he is the Zeppelin guy in there, he is the leader of the band. Having three Zeppelin guys in one band even if they wrote new songs just doesn't sound good to him anymore.
  9. I'm sorry, I just don't understand why do you all think there will be something else on the site today, the gallows pole was an actual "Gallows Pole" and that's it right? (I am really curious, no snark intended).
  10. I think what Dano59 was referring to was a very similar face expression, lines around his eyes and just looking happy and comfortable with his life... I don't think he deserves to be described in this way.
  11. According to this year's Sunday Times Rich list while Robert stayed on the same net worth of £80m, Jimmy went from £75m to £80m since last year. It is a bit dodgy list, but the fact that they are on the same (28th) place sounds so funny, they will never get away from each other no matter how much Robert tries. So I presume that the £5m that Jimmy earned from last year is from the Celebration Day sales and as Robert doesn't own any shares in LZ anymore, he didn't earn anything and it seems he is not earning very much from his touring either. But of course the list is just their speculation, t
  12. Hmmm... as a fantasy, probably Jimmy, but I see him as quite a distant spouse, someone who likes doing things by himself and doesn't like giving any explanations, not very faithful either, but what do I know. Robert seems like the kind of person who can dazzle you when you first meet and the cracks start appearing later. Very charismatic, but needs constant attention and adoration, that's just how I see him. Bonzo seemed to be the one with whom you would never get bored and was very devoted to his family.
  13. Could it be that he is getting fit for a tour? That's the best case scenario.
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