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  1. I remember this being one of the most interesting Page-interviews; especially from the guitar playing point of view!!!
  2. Wow! Now, that was something different! Interesting!
  3. I consider it as "Zeppelin´s 4th". Quite a few people I know seem to call it "the stairway-album"
  4. Led Zeppelin: Lost Sessions Vol. 9 !!! Studio Sessions Ultimate, CD 11., is the next in line!!! Zep always puts in a good mood, no matter what
  5. Pic of Jimmy´s shadow against his stack looks cool!!! Bit like same kinda pic of Hendrix entitled "shadow of greatness." Indeed!!!
  6. Cool!!! Any Zeppelin interview, video or audio is very welcome!!! Jimmy´s 1977 interview was good, if I recall...
  7. Another "trivial" question came to me when I started going thru´ Zep bootlegs; which was the show where Plant said something about JPJ lighting his cigarette before "No Quarter", because he was professional... That was really funny! But there´s no question about it, Led Zepplein were all professionals!!!
  8. Right now it´s UFO´s Cleveland show from 1978 actually... But I had quite a few good spins of both, "Brussels Affair" and "Destroyer" box-sets. Friend sold them to me, for a reasonable price (very cheap actually!) He also has given or sold me the original pressings of almost every Zep album, which is quite good thing! Anyone have any info on the bootleg LP called In concert- Stairway To Moon? That´s one of the gifts from my friend. I´ve never checked on it, but it´s quite nice bootleg really.
  9. Pagey definitely had a better dress-sense than, say Felix Pappalardi Leslie West said that Felix´s wife dressed him up like a man from pawnshop Well, nevermind the bad dressing, she shot him dead too...
  10. Very nice pics!!! I particularly like photos from 1980-tour, even if band was on it´s last legs (tho´ no-one knew that at the time) they still seemed very much THAT BAND. It would be great to get at least one whole concert on film from 1980...
  11. This is something that must be checked out for sure!!! Would be cool to see some gigs from 1971 too; it really was electric magic wit Led Zeppelin!!!
  12. Well, Page was more into it in 1977- I guess... Drugs really seemed to take a whole lotta out of his playing in 1979-1980 I´m listenning to Brussels Affair right now, since I dusted my Lp-collection. Band sounds bit tired, but I still like it very much. Somehow especially In Through The Outdoor-material sounds good to my ears!!!
  13. Too bad there are not too many films of Led Zeppelin during 1970-1972... Yeah, Albert Hall 1970 is great- but that´s just one great gig! Also complete gig from 1980 would be awesome!!!
  14. What a great, great drummer! The year 1980 was a loss for musical world, as Bon Scott, John Bonham and John Lennon all were gone... Such a shame. :/
  15. In 1973 interview that Peter Grant gave (just watched it on youtube...) the press seemed to focus on Richard Cole a bit; it seems that they tried to make someone for scapegoat for sure... Good press vs bad press, whatever
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