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  1. Mean Town Blues-Johnny Winter RIP Johnny
  2. Getting an early flight out of DC to come home.
  3. You can't always get what you want-Rolling Stones
  4. I like Rush, have a few live CDs by them. a few studio ones too. I prefer their earlier stuff, when they were more of a hard rock band. Saw them live a few times over the years (many many years ago). Saw them open for Kansas, Marshall Tucker, Foghat.
  5. To me they're OK. Have Van Halen, and Best of. Saw them live once-they sucked. one of the worst concerts I ever saw. BOOORINGGGG! This was with Sammy. He wasn't the problem, he was great. Eddie and the rest of the band were just going through the motions. Basically just standing there. the only reason I went was because I let one of my friends talk me into going to see them. NOTE: He also talked me into seeing Metallica and they also sucked live. one of my brothers saw them live with Roth around the album 1984 and thought they were great. I like their recorded stuff with both singers. I prefer Hagar (I know I'm in the minority on that). Always liked Hagar a lot since his Montrose days and some of his solo stuff is killer.
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