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  1. I almost always skip Rock n Roll when it's the opener of the show - with the band not warmed up yet I find it hard to listen to. And I often skip Trampled Underfoot - primarily because I feel they never really nailed that song live...
  2. Excellent points being made here in this interesting topic. I think the guitar playing of JP is one of the reasons why we all love Led Zep. I for one like Page his playing live better than his playing on the studio albums. Sure, he could be sloppy, he made mistakes and missed notes, but he took the studio songs so much further. And most important: there's so much 'feel' there. I like Toto and Dire Straits for instance. I like the solos in Hold the Line and Rosanna. But it in the end....it all sounds too 'clean'. Too polished. Too 'eighties'. I like my rock 'n' roll dirty. Imperfect. Warts a
  3. Over the Hills and Far Away No Quarter Dazed and Confused
  4. I always like Adelaide - Oh my ears man!!
  5. I always like Adelaide - Oh my ears man!!
  6. I almost exclusively listen to the Heywood version...
  7. Today I was finally able to pick up the DL boxes for IV and HOTH and I got lucky: both are numbered! My boxes for I, II and III weren't. I live in The Netherlands, so numbered copies are coming to Europe at least.
  8. I love OTHAFA too, in fact it's one of my favorite live zep songs. It's different every tour, and so much heavier live, if that makes any sense. God I'm looking forward to these next two releases, can't wait!! What a zep year it has been!
  9. Excellent show indeed. I can't help it but I like that '75 tour. Be sure to check out the shows at Vancouver, march 19 & 20 '75. Excellent sound quality too and great performances!
  10. Excellent show! One of my favorites from that tour. Try the Bertha Remaster; even better sound quality. I love Over The Hills...from february / march '75.
  11. I would say their peak was the tour in 1973 and LA 1977. Concerts to which I always return to when listening to LZ live. June 21 1977 TSRTS and Sick Again; the bravado, fun and the audience: that has got to be a peak right there!
  12. As much as I love that feb 12 show, the show two days later on St.Valentine's Day is even better. If you like feb 12, be sure to check out the shows at the end of that month (St.Louis, Baton Rouge; same excellent sound quality and performance but Robert's voice is a lot better) and the shows in march '75 (Vancouver!!!).
  13. Luckily no delivery problems here in Holland - ordered my 3 deluxe boxsets 2 weeks ago and picked them up at my recordstore last saturday. They're great! The 3 picturebooks are especially nice. Now to make a difficult choice: which bank to rob for the next 3 boxsets..
  14. Deep Throat III - march 27th, 1975. Excellent performance and excellent tape!
  15. Mobile 13/5/73. I find myself listeing to this show very often. The Winston remaster has great sound quality! Highly underrated show.
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