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  1. and this week more ink ♥

  2. A surprise visit from family who live out of state. Which of course means we did a little beach hopping and boardwalking
  3. awesome day at the beach ..i love florida ♥

  4. I just had one of the shittiest nights I've had in a LONG time. A good and trusted friend completely let me down. And I inadvertently hurt and pissed off my best friend. Outstanding. I can't wait to put this night to bed .
  5. what an outstanding day ..damn i love florida ♥

  6. what an outstanding day ..damn i love florida ♥

  7. It's another beautiful day. I think it's gonna be 81.. soo I'm going to the beach . Man I love Florida ♥!
  8. You're right ..and thank you. Lots of no's and no responses. No fun. Brings me down a little but, not far and not for long. I won't give up. Just gotta find the right place for my work. No matter how many places I have to try.
  9. I've been trying to get my writing published. I took a risk and submitted some to a hard to get into magazine. I just found out they're not going to publish me. I'm not going to give up but, it does suck to get my first official denial .
  10. Thank you kindly ! As for today.. being laaaazzzzy made me all nice and happy
  11. My parents celebrating their 45th Anniversary!
  12. Beautiful sunny and 81. Beats the blizzards of Chicago last year. Best winter in years .
  13. I'm still sad from yesterday when I put the youngest of my 2 kids on a plane and sent her off to college. I'm so proud of her but, damn that was hard! And when did I get old enough to even have kids in college?! Talk about mixed emotions .
  14. Hope your cold is better! I couldn't agree with you more about warm a January ..who couldn't be happy with that lol? Coming from 30+ years in Chicago I'm loving Florida winters. Although now I'm spoiled and anything under 65 is officially cold
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