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  1. What a fantastic body! I want some of that!!
  2. Oh, my God!!! This man just made me a very happy woman!!!
  3. Thank you for all, Robert Plant! May you have a very happy birthday!
  4. Earl`s Court, maybe? Looks to me that way, anyway, gorgeous as ever!!!
  5. Yes, I think this is Robert indeed, because I`ve seen the picture before, I don`t know about the execesses... maybe he was just having a great time! After all they were pretty young back then, we all did foolish things in our youth, didn`t we??!!
  6. I guess so, it's the same bracelet either. I really, really want to take a closer look at that belt buckle though, just to be sure:))
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyy!!! The way Robert looks in these pictures takes your breath away for good! This is a man to die for:)
  8. How was it backstage, Jessica?
  9. Happy many birthdays, Mr. Page!!!
  10. Happy New Year to you all!!
  11. Merry Christmas to you all, ladies!!
  12. To me he looks just tired. "Get some sleep, Robert, I'll help you with that!":))
  13. Oh, yeah, I know what you mean!!! Look at his tummy, who could resist to that??
  14. ... and because the topic is "HOT pics of Robert", this is what I call a "HOT" one!
  15. I missed "young Robert" sooooo much, thank you for posting the picture above!!!
  16. percy_girl

    Robert's Hair

    How about the patch "down there"???!!! Come a little closer, Robert, I wanna see what's written on it:))
  17. I'm about to faint just looking at those pictures, nevermind being there:)))
  18. The perfect caption of the perfect man! Thank you, Jessica!
  19. Thank you for "the Friday Robert", sexy and incredible as usual!!!! Hello, wonderful man!!!
  20. That Robert gives me the chills, makes me dream about wild things; nowadays Robert is a wonderful man, an artist, so, yes, I love them both:)
  21. Oh, my... look at those photos... "larger than life" indeed... I would have forgotten to breath either! Just imagine, girls, those huge photos on your bedroom or living room walls!!! This would be a real reason for me to stay indoor 24/7!!!
  22. I wannna see what's written on that envelope:))
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