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  1. My personal opinion is this 1/ They don't need the money to reform....that is actually a good reason. How sad would it be if it was just for the cash. 2/ If they got back together , it would have to be brilliant. Celebration Day proves it could be worthy , Robert Plant singing in 2014 is fine & Jimmy & JPJ look in good shape. Jason Bonham is the only choice for drummer anyone else FORGET IT!!! 3/ If they got back together would we actually appreciate it ? And could we afford to see it. Celebrities might but what about ordinary fans? 4/ If they got back together how many gigs do you want? An Elvis treadmill would KILL them!! 5/ I would be more than happy for them to do new material/new sounds but I doubt I will ever be ready for Zep to go Techno on me!! 6/ I can live with them not bothering & keeping the legacy good. I hope Jimmy Page would do something interesting but please no hooking up with Coverdale or Rodgers ....they are just substitutes for another guy Thanks
  2. I have taken my time playing all the reissues and I am now playing the companion disc. Really enjoying it & yes I did my own karaoke to the bathroom song.
  3. It depends what CD player & equipment you have. I have compared my CDs to the vinyl. Yes the vinyl is better but very little in it
  4. I am now listening to the Paris concert , sounds really good to me, very exciting & raw
  5. Nice to hear some nice hifi systems listed. Over the years I have bought separates & I worked hard , drunk less , stayed in to get what I got . My system as follows. Turntable Michell Gyrodec, Tecno Tonearm , Ortofon 2m Red Cartridge, Martin Bastin power supply. Cd players Meridian 507 & Denon 1510. A Denon PMA 1510 (Which I now use as a Pre Amp) and my power amps are Vincent SP991 plus mono blocs . My speakers are B&W 703 and I use Chord cables. I made a decision 10 years ago not to bother to watch live bands regularly anymore besides I am not a fan of 21st Century Rock & instead try to invest in the most realistic sound I can afford so I can hear Led Zep at it's best. I would rather go cinema,comedy clubs ,eat out.
  6. If you live in the UK & you want a system with a turntable , amp, cd player? And speakers (small floor standing are a good idea) try Richer Sounds or Sevenoaks Hi Fi . If you want a really good sound including the turntable set aside £1000. Good turntables are Rega, Project or second hand technics 1210. Good Amp makes Rotel,Denon,Marantz,Yamaha,Cambridge Audio. Good speaker makes B&W,Monitor Audio,Kef,Q Accoustics. Go to Ikea for an equipment table & make sure in yr room your speakers are ear height level & roughly 7 foot away from your armchair . Silly as it may sound if you clap yr hands in yr room and it echoes a lot , get a few cushions or a rug on the floor. If £1000 is too expensive, you want something easy & no fuss you do not bother with a turntable why not get a sound dock for your I Pod. Good makes are Bose & B&W. B&W make a sound dock called a Zeppelin!!!!!! It sounds good . Good luck any questions just ask
  7. I'm listening to the LP on my headphones . Much improved clarity than previous copies I have owned . Buy with confidence
  8. Hello folks. I just wanted to say I have so far listened to Led Zep 1 on cd & vinyl & Led Zep 2 on cd. I am very impressed with the remasters & a sonic improvement over previous vinyl & cd versions.
  9. I am just playing my cd copy of Led Zep 2 & to my ears it sounds much fresher & cleaner & subtle stuff like Robert Plants vocals on Thank You. The drum solo on Moby Dick sounds powerful as well & Bring it on home beginning bit sounds less crusty if you know what I mean. A very good remastering. Very pleased.
  10. Despite being tempted by the Box sets , they were too expensive for me & I opted for the double CDs & single 180 gram lps. I played the cd first . It sounds much better than my 80s & 90s version , the stereo is spread out more , background is quieter but still hear the little things such as Robert Plant laughing on You Shook Me & the subtle wiped out vocal in Babe I'm gonna Leave You . The whole feel is fresher a bit like comparing a better Blu Ray copy to a previous DVD.
  11. i have heard good things about the KEFs but small speakers have their advantages & disadvantages (cleaner sound vs a full range sound)
  12. My speakers are B&W 703 which I bought (and sweated over) 11 years ago. My Stereo is Gyrodec turntable, Tecnoarm , Ortofon 2m Red cartridge (underrated ) , Martin Bastin power supply. Cd players Meridian 507 & Denon 1510. Amp Denon PMA 1510 (which I now use as a pre amp) Power Amps Vincent SP 991 plus Monoblocs. It has taken me 30 years to get to a sound that that resembles an aural time machine , very happy with sound.
  13. I was thinking very seriously of getting the box sets and I know they are nice but they are too expensive & no extra music so I have decided to get the double CDs & 180g vinyl this Monday. I have been looking forward to this for nearly two years & sad but true I have taken the step of upgrading my hifi especially for Led Zep. Theres no beating around the bush you need power to replay the Zep music properly. I bought my friends Vincent Class A Monoblocs off him (Hes got a Krell Amp now )so I get the full power onslaught of Dazed & Confused!!!! I have also purchased a replacement Stylus for my turntable so I can enjoy the vinyl at it's best. I have been reading the Steve Hoffman forum & it's very funny some people have laid down a Dynamic range graph of the 2014 remasters & people have commented without even hearing them yet!!!! Im sure they will sound better because I'm sure Jimmy Page heard the negative comments regarding Mothership (the height of Loudness Wars/Brickwall) & will put this right
  14. I honestly feel people are being extremely pretentious regarding "an all analog" sound vs Vinyl cut from digital files. I had various Beatles LPs (some original,some 70s/early 80s pressings) & the 2012 LP remasters dumped on them sonically . My Zeppelin lps are from late 70s , early 80s (no barcodes) & sound a bit hit & miss. I never heard the classic records lps but I am hoping & confident the 2014 remasters will sound cleaner & clearer
  15. I would like to see In Through the Out Door be completely REMIXED
  16. Thanks for the reply . Fair point you like the synths on In Through the Out Door & for sure synth textures were used to good effect on songs like No Quarter, Four Sticks , In the Light but removing the over use of keyboard would make the album IMHO sound more like Presence album & classic Led Zeppelin . I can't see how removing something would try & make it sound like you you refer to as todays music. For the record there are no new bands I like & even the so called new records I bought in 2013 were done by established artists like Nick Cave, Bowie, Scott Walker, Julian Cope,Daft Punk. To be honest with you I was 12 in 1979 when ITTOD came out & Led Zeppelin were a band I had only heard of in name. At that time I was listening to Public Image, The Skids, The Damned & the Clash . I appreciated AC/DC & Thin Lizzy but I was just starting in music & you may remember at that point a lot of people did not look back on classic rock music like we do now. Even Bowie was considered a bit of an old man back then.
  17. I have just joined the forum so if I'm saying the same stuff forgive me. First off I am a Led Zep fan but I don't know everything that there is to know about them . I do own everything they put out via Atlantic records (including The Song Remains , The Mountain DVD) but not How West is Won & Celebration Day cds. Looking very forward to the brand new remasters & I hope they are seriously sorted sound quality wise & no Loudness War s garbage like Mothership. The 80s CDs sound good but a bit polite & the mid 90s although have more top end sound for want of a better expression sound " crunchy". It has to be said the 90s Zep sound amazing on my mates high end hifi where he has pure 100 watt class A amplification ! . Without showing off my own stereo is respectable . I do have Zep on Lp but my copies Are a bit ropey. I personally was happy with the Beatles , Pink Floyd , Clash & recent Hendrix remasters (Valley of Neptune ) so I hope Jimmy Page does a good job . If anyone knows anything about , the studio, baking process, who assisting in the masters that would be great also if someone has heard an advance copy? Like many others I'm sure Coda will be a treasure trove but and this is my personal opinion I would like to see In through the Out Door REMIXED!!!! Get those crappy synths off & Plants voice up a bit . There is definitely some good riffs in there but they are buried in the mix. It's been done with Let it Be & Double Fantasy so here's hoping. My favourite Led Zep album is the first , followed by the BBC sessions!
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