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  1. Caught the show at the Mann Center in Philadelphia (5th row) on 6/17. I have seen Robert every single time he has come to Philly, Upper Darby, Atlantic City, etc, since '83 in every project he has toured with. That said, 6/17 at the Mann was without a doubt the best damn show I have ever seen from him! Plant and his band completely blew my mind! Rain Song and Lemon Song were the highlights for me. Whole show was incredible though!
  2. Personally, I think it was good question, Andrew. Yeah. Much better than "what number print did you get" or "Where was Jimmy at this very moment on this very date 40 years ago". Talk about disappointed. I suggest you never go to a Zep convention.
  3. Fucking BRAVO! God forbid you ask a simple question on here or dare I say share an opinion that doesn't sit well with the "elders" and wannabes of this exalted fucking site. Like John, Robert, or Jimmy even read it. Thank God they don't because if I were them (and before you flame, I KNOW I'm not "them". Check and make sure you know who YOU are before said flaming) I would be embarrassed to have some of these people as fans. And I thought Rush fans were complete c*nts. Every time I come back, I realize why I leave again. Think I'll just stick to the music and DVDs. "Fans"? Not so much.
  4. How does one delete their own topics and replies to topics? I've tried the help files and no such luck on searching. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. "Led Zeppelin was about innovation. It was a band that took from those before it and created music that transcended generations, cultures, spiritual mediums and musical boundaries to become a textbook example of the pure magic created by incredible chemistry". I stopped reading here because you answered your own question/request (Noted in bold and underline). The chemistry left on 9/25/80. It's not coming back nor is Led Zeppelin.
  6. So the next day in Philly, Plant's voice was 'Worse Than Detroit'?
  7. Great job, SS! Dead on and the video added a very cool touch! Well done!
  8. Just around 8 p.m. as the sun was setting. Pretty cool
  9. I was there. In person it was incredible. To feel the entire stadium literally shake when they came on was something to behold. The vibe and seeing them together onstage outweighed the performance IMO. They had very little rehearsal time and most of it was taken up with Tony Thompson trying to learn the beginning of Rock and Roll. Phil Collins took a flat out drizzling shit on the whole thing and should have been removed from the stage with a hook. If he "didn't know the songs", I imagine he shouldn't have played them.
  10. First, my condolences to you. I know the feeling. I lost my Grandmother and Mother within 6 months of each other. Mom was only 64. Sorry you missed Band of Joy and more sorry for the reason you did. My faves so far have been the Fate of Nations and Might Re-Arranger tours. I saw RP and AK in Atlantic City and when the show started, I guess a lot of the "comped" guests must not have shown up so the usher was offering for us to move down. Well I was moved to the front row! So it looks like you'll be seeing him before me on 6/7 so I will stay off this thread for 10 days after, then after 6
  11. Exactly! Which is why I created the band with that exact vision in mind. I'm SO glad to hear that someone appreciates that approach. We don't have an official website(yet). But we do have a Facebook page. It's 'Mothership-THE Led Zeppelin Tribute Band'. You have to search it just they way I quoted or you'll get other pages. I haven't been on in a while so I'm not sure what's new but I think there may even be some vids on the page if you scroll a bit. Check it out and give it a "like". If you have trouble, I can send you a link. On a side note: Whole Lotta Love is the one we REALLY change a
  12. Speaking of Dazed, I just remembered at another show we actually started Dazed, played the studio version, bow solo, and I came up with the idea that at the end of the bow solo, instead of going into the "jam", he could go into the In The Evening intro, so coming out of the bow solo, we did 2 verses of ITE, then went back into Dazed and finished. There's video of this somewhere too I'm told. Will work on finding that for you as well if you like.
  13. Hi Stairway! (Love the username!). At our debut show in '12, We did a really cool thing. We played Achilles up to about the middle where there's a part of ALS that fits perfectly into the "San Francisco" part of Dazed from TSRTS so we basically medleyed ALS into Dazed and took Dazed from the San Fran piece through to the end. Somewhere there is audio and video from the crowd I'm sure but the people I actually hired to film and record it turned in a steaming pile of crap so I have an engineer doing his best with very little. Haha. But to answer your question, yes there is a video of us doing Da
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