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  1. I always wondered why people driving behind me would honk and put thumbs up when they passed me. lol for me im sticking to just getting the cd's.
  2. Bought these at a art show in atlanta only 100 produced by the artist of each one.
  3. Now the big question is will the original members all be there to play? This will be intresting.
  4. Thought these were intresting.
  5. Bought my copy on E-Bay for 3 dollars and 2 dollars shipping for anybody who can't find a copy.
  6. Going back now and watching stairway again I think the boys were very pleased jimmy really liked it and plant on the edge of crying it was very emotional to watch.
  7. Have to disagree with you did you catch roberts eyes watering up he liked it.
  8. I dident think the solo was that bad I have heard worst but thanks for posting the video.
  9. Can somebody post the stairway to heaven version from the show on here ? Theres a youtube upload already won't work on my end thanks.
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