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  1. I would check cbs.com or youtube maybe starting tomorrow. Hopefully someone will post the whole show on youtube.
  2. You are correct im sorry it is wednesday I will update it sorry kept thinking today was monday lol
  3. Just a reminder to everybody Kennedy center honors Wed december 26 it's been a few weeks since the taping and I almost forgot about the show on CBS here in the states it starts 9pm here on the east coast.
  4. I really don't believe this guitar is the 1 any news if the serial numbers match?? The sad thing is the guitar was stolen and will probally never be found if it was busted down and sold for it's parts which is what happens to most stolen guitars.
  5. John Bonham must be rolling in his grave. Jason make your own music.
  6. I read a article where jimmy said he still has the dragon suits. He was also joking about how he could never get back into them because of the 29 waist size.
  7. Hi welcome to the forum! Hope your doing well.


  9. Plant should get rid of the goatee he would look a little bit younger.
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