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  1. Im Ruhrgebiet, aber ich komme eigentlich gar nicht mehr hier hin, weils mir hier von den Leuten her nicht so gut gefällt, sorry.

  2. HI :) Wo in Deutschland lebst du denn?

  3. Hey Bomber, I think STH is the greatest song ever but like you I love ALS, Kashmir, BIGLY, SIBLY... every song is great except Hats Off ;-) See ya!

  4. Hi Blue Soul,nice to see a fellow Stairway lover,just like to know,what other Zep songs do you like?I like all of them but Achilles Last Stand,Kashmir, When The Levee Breaks,Whole Lotta Love,Dazed And Confused and a lot more stand out,by the way,Germany ROCKS!!!

  5. Hey, I love your ava! So glad LOST is back :-)

  6. Hi Blue Soul!

    Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße und eine gute Zeit während der Raunächte! Ich wünsche Dir alles, was Du Dir wünscht! LOL Tinkerbell

  7. Hi Blue Soul, Yes I designed my sig and Legacy did the "tweaking". I had previously made one like it for the Vittorio forum & used his pic instead of the angel, and wrote "Vittorio's voice is my stairway to heaven". Cheesy ;D Love your new one too, way cool!!!

  8. Your new sig is so beautiful! Did you design it on your own? Great job then!

  9. Your signature banner is awesome, great job! :)

  10. Thanx for the comment about the siggy pic!! It's one of my favorites, as well!!

  11. Thank you! I totally love that picture too, the best of him in my opinion.

  12. Hi! Just want to say that I LOVE your sig picture. So much so that I can't continue reading the posts, LOL. Cool username too.

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