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  1. If you want to play Super Sleuth, TypeO, here is a thread with many banned members who closely resemble current members. Especially pages 17-19. Their "real" names/letter site were even used by some for closer identification. Happy reading, for those who like to learn Led Zeppelin dot com history.
  2. Galaga New York City or upstate New York?
  3. That was wicked! You are really a talented drummer! All the best of luck to you and your career!
  4. Yes, Patrycja I received the same tweet earlier today and felt very proud to have assisted her with reaching it. She has talent and takes a different angle with her set up and execution of her photos. I like the original approach and personal touches. Very much looking forward to this. It's going to be mint!
  5. Yes, many good times have been had on the slopes and in the lodges in Colorado! With the climate changing, it doesn't make sense getting into the business of owning/buying into a ski resort at this time in my opinion. But then again, that's not my expertise either.
  6. That's awesome! I have one heading to college after the next school year. To have everyone around the dinner table is something that should never be taken for granted!
  7. Hello hello! New here myself. Posting some of your drumming. Would love to hear it!
  8. That's exactly why I supported her effort. She is talented, IMO.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xY91oy1eNE8 I hope this is ok to do. Let's see if it works.
  10. I just read where Robert was at a Fleetwood Mac concert and Stevie Nicks dedicated a song to him! It just popped up on Twitter. I'll see if I can post a link.
  11. It's through yahoo! music. Can you go through their site to access it? I have yahoo! music on my phone, so thats why I worked for me. Good luck! YouTube?
  12. Yes it is. That's why I posted one that works in the U.S. Did it not work for you? Edit: I'm sorry I just re read your post and didn't realize you already tried it.
  13. It was Friday for me today! I try to do that most Friday's during the summer. Can't beat the weather and it's easier to head east for the weekend!
  14. http://www.rtbf.be/classic21/article_un-inedit-de-led-zeppelin-en-exclu?id=9027527 Here's a Belgian link that was sent to me on Twitter. Hope it works for you!
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