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  1. Damn, it's taking so long for even that. I just want Celebration Day and the acoustic set
  2. If we get a whole show that sounds this good I will die
  3. Thanks for that answer! I guess I'll be sticking to me GM copy for that song at least for now; I really like the way the cut is edited, it sounds so smooth and natural as if there was never anything missing in the first place.
  4. I've heard that there are two versions of the Winston Remaster of Listen to this Eddie 1977/06/21: one with the low quality audio patch for Ten Years Gone and one without. I have been unable to find the one without, and I've seen some floating around (like on youtube) that some would say fit, but these are just the Genuine Masters version parading as Winston Remaster. My question for the well informed: does the version of Ten Years Gone without the audio patch from Winston actually exist or is that misinformation from people mistaking Genuine Masters for Winston?
  5. This is my favorite show - I would kill for a genuine soundboard release
  6. Thank you so much for your replies this far though!
  7. What I mean to say is at this specific moment through the "Winter" verse I much prefer to hear the high part of the strings/mellotron like here https://youtu.be/BeDylD8dV7U?t=283 as opposed to the grungy guitar lick that is supposed to be supporting the melotron, not overpowring it, like here https://youtu.be/UK0Nve5chB4?t=308 any recommendations on '73 recordings besides TSRTS?
  8. Hello, I'm very new to these forums but have been browsing for a few weeks now as I've really gotten into Live Zep. 9-29-71, 1-22-73, and 6-21-77 are blowing me away The thing is though my favorite Zep song of all time is "The Rain Song," and my favorite moment is the crescendo as it goes into the climax with the keys playing the melody and forming the emotional release of the entire song. The problem with literally every recording of the Rain Song live I've ever heard it is Jimmy's much less euphoric lick that overpowers the keys and ruins the best moment for me. TSRTS, Earls Court, and Knobsworth 79 all suffer from this problem. Are there any shows that have a noticeable and clear keys through the end of the song? Bonus points if Robert doesn't chicken out on the vocals. The No Quarter performance of '94 would be my all time favorite if it wasn't for him being too old to really do it justice.
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