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  1. I don't think this question can be answered without clarifying whether or not you mean which studio version or which live version. Studio I have to give it to How Many More Times. Live I go with the "Badge Holders" version of SIBLY. June 23 1977. It is the only song I have ever wept with joy while listen to.
  2. There was a version of this on YouTube that had mercilessly been split into 2 parts. I learned how to use an editing program a few weeks ago so I could splice them together and give it the dignity it deserves. There is a couple seconds missing but not much. I have yet to hear music better than this gem. Like others in this thread I also bought the album in the early 80's with rent money I "shouldn't" have spent ($60). I actually bought it off of someone who is now a little bit famous...Marc Emery...the Canadian "Prince of Pot". The guy most heavily responsible for getting weed legalized in Canada last month. He was in his early 20's back then and ran a used clothing and record store called The Layman House, in London, Ontario.
  3. I've heard about 10 versions at this point and the version you mentioned from LA on the 23/6/77 (I know it as "For Badge Holders Only"). is head and shoulders above the rest IMO. I have had some moments listening to this version, I will never forget. Plant sings like an angel. It is my 2nd favourite version of any song of all time.
  4. My favourite version of any song ever is the 1979 version of No Quarter from the 2nd night in Copenhagen. From the Bootleg called Melancholy Danish Pageboys Get it On. At the very beginning (right after the word lights) you can hear a VERY distinct sneeze. It is actually kind of funny. Clearly an audience recording but great quality.. If you haven't had a chance to hear this version do yourself a favour and check it out. It is seriously my favourite piece of music EVER recorded by anyone.
  5. I just found this forum while looking up some Over the Hills stuff. I had to sign up because after reading this thread because I needed to talk about a very special version of this song. Sure...I also love the LA in 77 versions BUT no version compares to the Melancholy Danish Pageboys Get It On version. Copenhagen, July 7, 1979 Not only is it the best version of that song, I think it is the best live version of ANY song they or anyone else has ever done. Of course I haven't heard everything but I would be shocked if someone could find a song that compares. All 4 of them are on the money and luckily the sound quality is also very good for a boot. ENJOY! Unfortunately the only YouTube version is split into 2 parts...Listen for the sneeze right at the beginning...it's hilarious:)
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