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  1. yes what they did is timeless. it is amazing to hear what they were doing in the late 60s. Even 70 at the royal albert hall.....some of the best sounding rock/blues music you will ever hear.
  2. not counting LZ cover bands that exclusively cover....heart is probably the most famous zep cover band. they brought down the house at the kennedy center honours... USAs presidential award for the performing arts. I also think STPs dancin days was extremely popular on american radio in the mid to late 90s. that may be the most circulated cover that was played on radio that I know of. heart had a couple played on the radio as well battle of evermore and rock and roll were. not a cover song, but Enigma's return to innocence has bonzo's beat from when the levee breaks sped up as the beat to the song.
  3. This is one of the most unique and original covers that I've heard. It's in another language but you already know the words...A more latin version of the original Latin drum theme that bonzo came up with....the drummer of this highly prolific Mexican band cites bonzo as an idol.
  4. I honestly think rush is a band that can approach led zeppelin's ability (all in one band). clearly there is an influence there. all 3 are amazing in the own right. back to topic I don't know of many musicians that were critical of them. I read online that the rolling stones drummer did not think bonzo was the greatest, but then I read other comments where he says that bonzo is the greatest. I know some people that think zeppelin were too over the top..in your face if you will. I heard howard stern called them a cover band. some complained that they strayed too far in concert from their studio versions. some thought they were too loud...too dark..i've even heard too gay before. I thought it was maybe an american/conservative thing....but I recently heard page tell a story that he tried to pick up a lady at picadilly circus and she made a comment that she thought he and robert were a couple. I obviously don't agree with zeppelin's negative critics. they did it their way. it was all part of who they were and their creativity and rebellion from the mainstream made them great.
  5. I do love that one. I think i heard plant say once that he considered it a western/country style(for them haha). Just another one that shows their ability as a band to do something different and make it sound majestic. I also loved the other songs on that album. all of them. fool in the rain/all of my love get a lot of air time in the states. my favorite song off that album is im gonna crawl.
  6. This topic is a good one. There are many songs that are great that are not as popular in the mainstream as they could be. I think a few of the songs on the 3rd album that were already mentioned are overlooked by the critics because of the acoustics and it threw them for a loop maybe moreso in the states IDK, but that album truly showcases their ability to diversify. the first 2 albums show their power and their roots in blues/american rock. Although they did have songs like ramble on to name one that were different. The third album shows their true versatility and artistic ability. that was and still is my personal favorite album. As far as picking one song that's rather difficult. I am sure this is not the right answer. But if I had to pick the absolute best led zeppelin song that some people may not know about... I would also pick in the light. I love the hurdy gurdy/roberts vocals/ and love the stability of bonzo's drums in that one. The words are amazing. For the people that try to label zep as a dark/evil band which in my opinion is absolute rubbish... if you listen to the words and message of this song it is one of the more uplifting ones that you will ever encounter. there is a song that I don't believe was mentioned that I will. It is very close to my favorite and it is no quarter. Now this one is not among the most underrated in my opinion because page/plant used it as a title for their tour/album(Albeit without jonesey) and it was a mainstay in their concerts. But as far as mainstream goes I don't know that it is necessarily considered one of their highest in the ratings. I just don't get how they make a song like that. Everything about it is exceptional. the music, the lyrics, all top notch.
  7. Hi all, my first post here. Did not know about this place or I would have come long ago. I am from Texas. I was born in 83 in Houston, but spent most of my life living in the Dallas area. Zep was very popular there still yet in the 80's and 90's. My first memory of music was listening to Zeppelin records, tapes, and watching the song remains the same on VHS religiously. My mom and Dad were huge Zep fanatics, but I even managed to drive them nuts with it somehow. Every now and again I popped in a hendrix, deep purple, or van haggar(blame my dad there), but mostly I did the Zepathon as Jack black would say. To this day I've never heard anything like them. Just amazing all 4 of them. the best band ever. Back to topic yes as a kid listening to rock music on the stereo in late 80s/90s they were very popular on american radio. Even robert plant as a solo act got a lot of playing time. In 1988 I saw robert at reunion arena in Dallas only 5 years old. jimmy rotating with coverdale/black crows/plant was also popular. He also did kashmier with Puff Daddy HA! To this day USA rock stations do mandatory metallica and get the Led out every night(nation wide). Where they play 3-4 tracks and discuss the band in more detail. On the American Memorial Day weekend(same time frame as the UK rememberence) our rock stations would do an all time rock count down. stairway and whole lotta love were always in the top 5-6 with layla/hotel cali/free bird/money. I remember MTV news in 89 still covered zeppelin topics in regards to zeppelin releasing material for them to air...I remember always hoping that they would so I could expand upon watching the song remains the same. I don't think it was until the mid 90s when plant/page united for an MTV special that was successful Of corse today we have access to so much which is great! And the reunion concert at the 02 was awesome. I watched all the bootleg videos waiting for access but was there at the theatre to watch the premier release and have the DVD/album as i still rotate it often.
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