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  1. That show just might be plants most powerful live performance ever. The vocals on immigrant song are insane his best war cries ever. It also has hands down the best live version of since I've been living you plant ever laid down. The sound quality is really good for the era. A complete board tape for this show is probably one of my tip 5 holy grails . Another great show but has awful sound is September 3 in San Diego . Plant sounds killer and page is blazing but the sound is very poor. It's actually a more fiery performance then blueberry hill. Plant pushes his voice alot harder and the band plays alot more aggressive . If the quality was decent that show would be legendary. Boston is another insane show plants voice is unreal at that show as well. Honolulu is another highlight as well . There are so many August and September 70 shows where plant was the absolute star of the show. I think it was his best and most consistent tour. He would never sing with the same power and range again even in 1971. He was consistently amazing every night on that tour.
  2. Check out the march Vancouver show from 1970 . It's a great sounding board tape and is a very powerful and raw performance sadly it's only 38 minutes killer communication breakdown with a few lines from ramble on in the ham section. Killer early sibly and what is and what should never be as well.
  3. Again I find it interesting you mention hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn like playing on no quarter as just like David gilmour he plays a stat and page is again using a strat on this song. So it seems the strat is inspiring page to experiment and change up his approach . As much as I love les pauls the may 17th and 18th no quarters make me wish he played a strat more in 75 and onwards.
  4. Especially when you consider they were paying guys to to be their guitars for them. But you would think page would give the guitar a strum to make sure it was in tune and then tune it if needed especially if it was just one string. I noticed there is far less onstage tuning on zeppelin boots compared to other bands.
  5. The part about page sounding pink Floyd like during no quarter is interesting because coinsidenrly I believe he played his blue strat on no quarter on the 17th and 18th. Perhaps playing the strat caused him to change his approach slightly. I do find those versions of no quarter to be unique from other versions.
  6. Baltimore for me as well. Easily plants best performance from 1973. His voice sounds fuller , more powerful and displays a level of range that he didn't have at any other show from 73 or any of the late 72 shows for that matter. Page is amazing at this show as well. His tone is incredible and has more overdrive and power then it did for the new York shows. His playing has a smoothness and fluidity that's on a higher level then many other 73 shows . I hear alot of Europe 73 page in this show . Providence is a very close second for me them maybe Pittsburgh.
  7. Page plays quite well on the second Vancouver gig. Much more nimble and fluid then the first night . I think he plays better on the 20th then he did on the 21st on Seattle . Except for heartbreaker which is a stinker in Vancouver.
  8. Dazed from February 13th was one of the best of 1975 . Page was incredible on that version. Over the hills has a killer solo as well. One of my favorite 75 shows. I think it's the best from the first leg.
  9. I agree page played so much better on the 13th than he did for the other 2 shows. Although I found plant gave a much better vocal performance on the 14th then he did for the other 2 shows.
  10. Page had killer tone on that bootleg. Very thick and dark. Not the usual thin twang you here on the board tapes. I have always heard a change on pages 75 tone beginning with the February 12 new York show. I find his tone on the landover 75 board tape quite a bit fuller than on the other board tapes from 75.
  11. I prefer Rotterdam and Munich to Zurich and frankfurt. Plants voice is so strong during the Munich show and page sounds much more fluid. He plays a great stairway solo. Rock and roll was the best plant sang that song after the 72 u s tour. Thst scream he lets go before the solo was insane. Rotterdam has one of my favorite performances of heart breaker. It's my favorite heartbreaker post 73. Achilles from that show is great as well. I really like cologne as well.
  12. Fort worth 73 is one of my favorite zeppelin boots. Plant sounds great by 73 standards . Page is on fire and his guitar tone is killer. Bonham sounds savage at that show. The band had a very raw sound at that show and played with great energy . A textbook example of zeppelin in tight but loose mode. May 73 is one of my favorite favorite periods. I would love for the rest of the Houston board to show up as it is a scorcher as well. Even Dallas after the first 3 songs which were rough turns into a great performance . Since I've been loving you no quarter and dazed from Dallas are awesome versions.
  13. Manchester on November 24th is a monster show but the sound quality is not great. It's one of plants best performances of 1971 and was the best his voice had been since the first l.a show. The November 11th show was another great performance with a powerful performance by plant. I found the band to be tighter overall on the 71 u.k tour then they were on the north America tour.
  14. Do mine who worked on the DVD and how the west was one project leaked the multitrack mixdown of Southampton and royal albert hall so there could be more of those mixdown tapes in someone's hands. Although it's been quite awhile since thoose were leaked. I wonder about the 75 and 77 boards being from show co employees . It seems odd They would wait 25 years to start selling off those tapes. The first one of The revolution releases appeared in 2002. Around The time of dvd and hwww page started transferring tales to digital because they were deteriorating. So I wonder if the person tasked or persons tasked with doing the transfers made copies of many of the sb tapes during transfer. It's just a theory and could be way off base. Soundboard tapes were not worked on for those releases but page was informed at the start of that project hec would have to transfer any tapes he wanted to preserve before they deteriorated too much and would eventually be unsalvagable . So it's conceivable that he tasked Someone working on that project to transfer his tape archive to digital. Could be the same person who leaked the mixdown tapes. We will probably never know for sure. Who knows what is out there. The question is how many more releases will we actually get before evsd Decides it's no longer profitable. And will the source liberate any tapes once there is no profit to be made from selling them.
  15. If it were page given his perfectionist streak we would be getting more boards from the early years that show both page and plant in a much better light . I can't see page being eager to get shows like Houston 77 or may 28 77 in handover. Many of the revolution releases have been average performances. Can't see page releasing all these 75 and 77 boards. They are not very flattering in terms of pages playing. Can't see him wanting people to hear him struggling like he did in 77.
  16. And pages very clean thin and dry tone on the 75 tapes does not help either. If his tone had thick and more driven like it was in 70 and 71 there a imperfections would not stand out as much. I think if you heard many of the best guitar players using a tone that left them that naked you would hear similiar imperfections. We all except that page was sloppy at times but you can find plenty of examples of that in 70 to 73 as well. It's annoying that poeple constantly still insist on pointing out pages imperfections. It drives me nuts when poeple say page is a sloppy player like they are informing you of something you don't realize. Sloppy or not page is the best phrasing issues and all.
  17. San Diego 1977 was a very tough night for bonzo h plays way behind the band all night and missed alot of cues and had alot of timing problems. It's not a bad performance but it's well below the Bonham standard. He had other nights where he was slightly off like June 25 77 but even thst is a very solid drum performance he is just behind the beat slightly . San Diego was probably the most off he ever played.
  18. A soundboard for any of those August and September 1970 shows would be a holy grail for me. That tour for me represents zep at their heaviest and most muscular. And plants voice is amazing every night on that tour. On the 71 us tour he just stint have the power range or consistency he had in 1970. Zeppelin for me just didn't sound that savage again post 1970. The 1971 tour is a very close second for me. I would love a soundboard for the 1971 tour opener in Vancouver. I would imagine plant sounded much like he did on August 21 in l a and probably even more powerful. Could be a vocal performance on the level of montreux 71.
  19. Southampton being a good performance is highly debtable. Plants voice is very bit as bad as it was in 75 and worse compared to alot 75 shows and page was pretty sticky at Southampton . Its a very uneven show all around. The stoke bootleg is a far better show Southampton is a decent show bit it's not great. Seattle 75 is better I think.
  20. I thought plant sounded far better on the 14th then he did the night before. The 14 th was the best vocal performance by plant up to that point although it was still pretty mediocre.
  21. Plant actually sounded pretty decent on rock roll in 1977 but it was played as an encore . I was always impressed how great plant sounded on the song remains the same in 1977. It's a very hard song to sing with all the high notes and he pulled it off and as a set opener. Perhaps he actually warmed up in 77. I have always liked 77 more then 75 simply because plant sounded so much better and had alot more range in 77. The l a 77 run has his best singing post mid 72.
  22. Is there any other shows you need to hear from 77 once you have heard Eddie? Yes and thst would be June 22 77. Many feel that a better quality recording would reveal it to be better then eddie. It has probably the best in my time of dying they ever played and possibly the best over the hills and far way solo. Page is fantastic at that show and is easily one of his best performances post 73. The in my time of dying is essential. No quarter is amazing at that show as well. Performance wise I think it beats eddie and badgeholders. The msg shows from 1977 are quite exceptional too. The June 77 run is as good as anything from 75
  23. The few versions of going down they played during whole lotta love medley are some of my favorite moments from the 73 u s tour. When they did play it they played amazingly and plant sounded terrific especially the Houston version. Thst one smokes
  24. It's on evsd and it's called bonzo"s birthday party 20th anniversary edition and it's an 11 CD set.
  25. I was just reading something very interesting the re release of the may 31 1973 contains a different soundboard source form the one evsd previously released . Any body know anything about it. Could it just mean a lower generation source of the same board tape? Or is it a source that has previously circulated on another label. It would be nice if the final third of that show would surface. But I would imagine that if the final portion of the sound board were included on this release they would advertise that. Most likely just a lower generation source of the same board tape. I certainly would welcome an sb tape with improved sound for this wonderful 1973 show.
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