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  1. Thank you. No I really never did get into the Dead live. Other than watching some Youtube videos. Which is weird considering that's where they were supposed to be the best. Of course it's more to discover, but I can barely keep my up with everything I like now. Between listening to current things I like, bringin back up things I already like, discovering new things, and playing music. Music pretty much consumes my life. It's pretty normal for me to be walking around town, at let's say lowes, singing Since I've Been Loving You, an Elvis tune, or who knows what to myself. I try to keep it at a low volume to keep people from looking. But screw it, it keeps me entertained.
  2. I wish you would have asked him what his 50th anniversay plans were hahaha
  3. Sure. This 68-71 run can only last so long And yes I love the Stones and the Deads country (and rock) stuff. I know I'll eventually be listening to it again. I used to have almost every Stones album from 65-80 on my phone and Workingmans Dead & American Beauty are superb but moved on and had to make room. That's the great thing about music with me. I go in circles with artist, bands, songs. But at least now I have a phone with plenty of room, so I never have to delete songs again. It would kill me a few years ago to delete my music. (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Country, various songs). It sucked to the max.
  4. Never heard of Cody Jinks but I'll look him up. Anytime you bring outlaw country up, one must mention Waylon Jennings. Also David Allen Coe, Willie Nelson along with many others. There's a good one but I can't think of his name at the moment. God, I hate that. But one guy this often overlooked, but everybody in Nashville, and all over know him. Not sure if you've heard of him but his name is Jim Lauderdale. He's a singer and big time songwriter. He has some straight forward country, borderline rock-y stuff, outlaw country, even some bluesy and bluegrass stuff. So you have to weave yourself through his albums to find songs you prefer. That's what I did. One song in particular to check out is "Merle World". In my opinion it is in the top 10 best country songs of all time. But it has an outlaw edge. Just give it a listen. If you like that check out "The King Of Broken Hearts" and "I Met Jesus In A Bar". Being raised a christian when I firsr heard the last one I thought he was making a mockery. It's quiet the opposite and a good song.
  5. Oh yeah! I like Zep from all their stages. I used to listen to Zep like crazy for years then kind of fell away, because I'm actually a big country guy. In my first round of Zep I couldn't get enough of Candy Store Rock haha. But I was raised on country and bluegrass which I love. But for about 2 years I became almost a country purist but then remembered how much I love Zep, The blues, Hippy music, etc. I've always been sort of a country boy/farmer/hippy/rocknroller. I'm 24 by the way. But 68-71 is just my favorite period. 72 is another year that is really void of SB. It seems like 73 onward seems to have a lot.
  6. I did know what sounboards recordings were but that's fine you included them because I'm now aware that some of SB releases have better quality just like the audience releases. I was trying to find quality audience recording because I've pretty much checked out all the SB's from 68-71. We need more SB's from 70 and 71. Specifically the second half of 70 and the first half of 71. There isn't one SB from either (excluding 71 BBC). July 70 to June 71 could very well be the best year for Zeppelin live overall. Robert was still amazing, Jimmy was at his top and they were playing songs from all the first 4 albums. I mean your never going to hear Stairway or Immigrant Song from a 69 show, if you get my drift.
  7. Don't know how many of you guys have heard this but fast forward to 53:00 and wait for it. It is pretty awesome. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uOPNJQ9jvOo
  8. Teach me. 1. If I was looking for the best (audio quality) audience recordings from 68-71, what would some of those shows be? 2. I think I've come to know that a lot of bootlegs have different names for the same show. Or something like that. 3. Where would I go to listen to such bootlegs? I would think youtube would be hit or miss about finding the best quality if they are there at all. So is there a site or something? 4. Adress anything I left out.
  9. Where can I hear it? It's not on the tube of you. I'm still sort of new to this bootleg world. The different companies and different releases of the shows. I've always just been a youtube searcher.
  10. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about them goung to Iceland. Holy grail for sure.
  11. I agree Elvis had drastic changes in his voice but you would have still known it was him. Mighy have shocked you but still. If someone heard him in 56 and didn't hear again until 68. They may go "Is that Elvis? Damn his voice changed." However if somebody listed to early Zep, say 1970, then stepped away and came back after Plants change they would probably "Who's the new singer for Led Zep?" "Nah, man that's Plant." "WTF happened? I thought that was a completely another guy." I know what I said about Plant to be true because I was playing Communication Breakdown one day at my sisters and then played something off HOTH (I think The Ocean) and she says who is this band. "The same one", I said. She replied with "That sounds like a different guy." I then showed her other examples and she almost acted like I was joking about it being the same guy on the firsr 4 vs the other albums.
  12. Well, if Page is the source for all soundboards and is holding back some of the holy grail shows, then that is just stupid and greedy. Why not release them for the fans to enjoy. Dude, its been 45-50 years. We all love the band and the band members. We want our holy grails. The only exceptions is if he is waiting for the 50th and does a huge release of soundboards and finally the holy grails are found. If that's it, then that is very page-y and cool. But if he has them and continues to just sit with them. That makes no sense. Which is why I don't think he is the source for soundboards. I mean he might have some stuff to release, but the all mighty source. Very doubtful.
  13. We need more soundboards from 68-71. And to be honest there's a big gap of no soundboads from 72, so that would be nice. 72 isn't like 68-71 for me, but 72 was still a cool year and had some great stuff from what we've heard. And since there is so little sounboards from that year, if that was my favorite year I'd really be hoping. But we need Blueberry Hill, and the MSG evening show of 1970. Holy grails.
  14. I was stoked to hear a soundboard version of Stairway from this show then it gets to the end singing and it goes silent then picks up after its over. So no "And as we wind on down the road." It that part gone or edited out on purpose? It's a bummer.
  15. Over on another thread this thought popped in my head and thought it would go here pretty good. Why on God's Earth when Plant started having his voice troubles didn't they just drop the key one full tone. Page could even play it the same. Use heavy-ier gauge strings then just tune down. Then his strings would have felt normal and everything. If they had started doing this in mid to late 71 when his voice troubles started creeping up its hard to know how much of his original voice could have been saved. Possibly all of it. Plant still needed to quit singing with the flu though but if your having voice troubles and a key is to high, then it's just too high. To go from say A to G, it would help the singer immensely and since he would be hitting the correct notes in G it would still sound the same as if he was in A Then when the voice was rested and back strong then return to the original key, if desired.
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