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  1. Great job man! Looks like you were enjoying yourself.
  2. RoyHarper

    Thank You

    I'm new to this whole bootleg business but perhaps the biggest surprise to me has been what a monster Thank You evidently was in concert. I didn't think the BBC Sessions version could be topped but so far I'd say Montreux 3/7/70, Blueberry Hill 9/4/70 and Southampton 1/22/73 (of all shows) are in the same league. Are there any other recommended versions I should check out?
  3. Could it be Raymond Thomas, the "road manager from Scotland with a broken leg" that Plant mentions elsewhere during the concert?
  4. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the advice, particularly if you've answered the question many times before 😎
  5. Thanks very much. I appreciate you not telling me to search the existing threads (although it'd have been fair enough if you had).
  6. I've just fallen down the rabbit hole of Zeppelin bootlegs and it's like discovering the band all over again! While I'm enjoying every tour, I'm finding myself returning more and more to the pair of '75 shows currently in my possession - Four Blocks in the Snow (Feb 12) and St Louis Blues (Feb 16). I love the set-list on this tour, particularly the extended takes on No Quarter, and the audio quality of these soundboards is fantastic. So anyway, I was hoping for some advice on which '75 show to go for next. Any ideas please?
  7. As Plant is introducing No Quarter at their St. Louis show (Feb 16th, 1975), the words "Fuckin' horrible, son!" can clearly be heard in a menacing Scottish accent. The volume, clarity and accent all suggest to me that this didn't come from the crowd but rather from someone on or behind the stage. Anyone know who this might have been and what they were referring to?
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