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  1. Patience, EVERY thing is coming out, the movie, the solo work, the concerts, the books, the reunion... All on schedule for NEXT YEAR.
  2. When Jimmy says he is going to do something , book, solo project, live LZ albums for the 50th it is all talk. He is just telling the fans what they want to hear. Talk of the next year solo album is on hold (to close to next year), should resume about May or June of 2020, for a 2021 release. He clearly stated that he would write an autobiography, but it could not be released until he passes. 2021 should bring a new set of remasters along with new skateboard designs. As Robert has a blast playing the old tunes...that he hates...
  3. Next year, along with the next year album.
  4. We would be able to accept Jimmy's inactivity much better, if he did not constantly promise incredible new material "next year" for the last decade plus.
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