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  1. U can see the NEW TARANTURA #melvin 88 production (Atlanta69) What A Shame!
  2. AA ... what would u say. Should the Dogs of Doom say thanks to u in the future? Maybe u change or kind of thinking. It s easy to do the right 😍
  3. Oh my good... what a stupid and in love with ur self answer... What is important.... more and more and more... but... To show 10.000 people one uncircualted concert is better a listen to 10 uncirculated concerts for ur self... this is what people should do.. But u can have 20 uncirculated converts... to hold only one back is really the must stupid idea i read the last 10 years in that forum. Shame on u... u r not a zephead. Go in marriage with ur tokyoinnercircle guys
  4. Zepster or AA ... u will never understand what it means to do things without ur own profit. When i was ayoung man it was absolut fantastic to find a bootleg. I bought nearly 2000 or 3000. I don t know exactly how much... but i old them for 1-2 dollars because nobody wants it. Most collectors allready had the goods.... what a waste of time and money.... Today i have only one unofficial item. Let me tell u one thing from a guy who knows what it means. ... To do things for free and share for free is a much better feeling as to make profit with selling these waist. I hope u r able to understand what i mean... What u r doing is unethical!
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