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  1. I was hoping this was on your list. Looking forward to see what you did with Trampled Under Foot. Link PLEASE, good sir.
  2. Sounds awesome! I think what people are anticipating is the near-ish future is an AI program that will take everything you have been doing to the next level using other recordings as a reference. Sort of an audio version of face mapping techniques used in film. Example: recreating a young Luke Sywalker in the final episode of Season 2 of the Mandalorian.
  3. This is such a fascinating topic. One of my top picks would be the April 27, 1969 Fillmore show. Being able to upscale it and fix some of the cuts (most notably Killing Floor) has always been a daydream of mine. Its a fantastic candidate: a great recording, killer performance. Plus there is an AUD to use a a guide for the missing portions, and in addition, you have good to excellent recordings of the same setlist for that stretch of shows, including the April 24 SBD which has a crystal clear capture of Jone's bass tone in the left channel.
  4. "Massive" is a damn good description, especially Kashmir. It feels like I am hearing the '77 versions like they should be heard for the very first time. It sounds more "modern" for lack of a better term, the mix and soundstage are more reminiscent of later live versions, including 02, with thunderous drums and bass. The guitar /melletron placement is so much better too. The way reverb /echo was added to the different separated parts on all the songs and juxtaposed to the sound of the audience is a neat trick, it makes it all sound like a Superior AUD recording or a Matrix. Also cool how some of the guitar tones and effects are detailed and "split" (most evident in In My Time of Dying). SO MUCH FUN. Thank you Steve.
  5. "I'll tell ya what we'll do. We'll start it again. There's a few clouds on the stage too!" Oh hells yes please. Thank you so much Steve. 🤘
  6. Hi All. First post. Long time collector of live Zep since the late 80's, just joined for these incredible stereo remasters. It's amazing to see this technology finally arrive, collectors have been dreaming of this for decades. Thank you Steve for your dedication and generosity. - Judd
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