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  1. Paul!!!

    My favorite English Music Expert!!!

  2. I guy I know is still wearing his Glastonbury wristband, from June 2005...
  3. And JPJ looks like he's so pissed off to be there, like he'd rather be parking the cars or something...
  4. Can't believe how cold it is here today in London... I know visiting folks from sunnier climbs must be feeling it more than I, but flippin heck! Just back from the boozer, and a joint first in the pub quiz... damned tiebreaker, but hey, we won a box of Toblerone! Offski...
  5. The Welshies that he helped last time I saw it were just absurd... It's always entertaining viewing, just like Harvey Goldsmith's show where he does similar for entertainment ventures...
  6. Tis a lovely dram, and as my Uncle Peter would say, 'be rude not to...' And on that bombshell, I'll return my glass to the bar, and call it a night.....
  7. Granted, but when getting off the tube, your hand (including wristband) gets severed off, leaving your beloved pass winging its way down the Jubilee Line, in some kind of Groundhog Day-esque nightmare. I wish my Les Paul didn't need to go to the menders
  8. Granted, but your name is Cletus, and you play the banjo I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow
  9. I believe I heard a quote from either Manson or JPJ that all of the basses used at the o2 would be Mansons. Having not seen footage from the whole show I wouldn't know...
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