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  1. I very much enjoyed my second experience of Saving Grace in Birmingham last night (I've put the setlist on Setlist.fm, if anyone's interested), and was afraid that the last show of the tour might mark the end of the project. But Robert's parting words were "Keep an eye open, we're coming back - but with the teeshirts" (he had earlier joked about this being such a small tour that they didn't even have any teeshirts to sell).
  2. "I will definitely do an autobiography. Every six months brings new things for me to write about or comment about. I have a number of ways I plan to approach it. But I'm determined that I'll write it first and then go to a publisher, because I don't want to be held to a deadline". I'll offer odds of ten to one against this ever happening.
  3. Nice to see Jimmy of course, but I'm glad I wasn't expecting any great revelations, because there weren't any - Jimmy grew a beard because there was no hot water for shaving at Bron Yr Aur, was about the most notable new information for me. Instead we got told that Atlantic didn't want to release the fourth album with no writing on the sleeve, etc.etc., things we've heard 50 times before. We got a 70 minute interview followed by 20 minutes of uninspired fan questions (Which Led Zeppelin track are you most proud of? Which Led Zeppelin album cover are you most proud of? Do you think Led Zepp
  4. If you go for the ticket plus book option, "These books will have been personally authenticated by Jimmy, with his logo, the date and city, making them exclusive to this event". What does this mean? Might "authenticated" be code for "signed"?
  5. Got a seat in row 17 of the arena in the Livenation presale. £75 including fees. When I asked for the next price up, I was offered a seat in a box. The next price down was in the circle (or whatever it's called at the RAH). I didn't look to see where the £160 seats are. £75 for a decent seat, a show that ends after midnight on a school night, a venue that holds 5,500 people. I can't see this selling out.
  6. I'm hoping he'll be at Roy Harper's 70th birthday show at the RFH, as I have tickets in row B. It's advertised as "with very special guests".
  7. I went to the exhibition today, and though I hate to be a wet blanket, it didn't make me regret my decision not to order the book. Physically it's nicely produced, but no more than you would expect for £400. Some striking pictures, but also a lot that are very familiar - I'd guess at least a third were pictures I've seen before. And only a few of the pictures have any text from Jimmy, none of which is very illuminating.
  8. It took me half an hour to figure that out, I was able to get London but Manchester seems to be sold out (I get the Choose Tickets page but it won't let me select any tickets).
  9. In an interview in Q magazine many years ago (might have been around the time of Unledded, I think) Jimmy called it "my rising sun symbol". I seem to be the only person who noticed it.
  10. Robert2255

    Holy Lotta Art

    The tapestry didn't sell. Bidding didn't reach the reserve price.
  11. Those agencies have a terrible reputation for not supplying tickets (though if they don't, they'll refund your money) - even if they won't allow him to cancel now, they may well cancel themselves when they fail to source the tickets - though they won't tell you they've cancelled, the tickets just won't arrive and eventually they'll send your money back.
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