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  1. You know, Plato was a religious man. Schopenhauer was a religious man. Kant was a religious man. Hegel was a religious man. Augustine was a religious man. Gandhi was a religious man.... Relgion really MUST be for the backward! What do YOU dipshits have to offer? ~666
  2. Because you are so intelligent, progressive, and evolved. natch. ~666
  3. I don't know Da - LO. He didn't fair too well against Santa on South Park .... haha. WHERE'S THE RAGE? ~666 PS - I hate to admit it ... but Christians get ridiculed an awful lot in pop culture. And their venerated icons general get shit or pissed on (literally) most everywhere in liberal society. And who doesn't laugh at Creed and Christian Rock music? Christians are the butt of jokes across the board. Not that Christian rock doesn't completely suck. But you get what I mean.
  4. Jihad Bear - Jihad Bear is at the front lines killing filthy Zionist Bears everywhere. Peace be upon him! Sharia Bear - Sharia Bear is properly clothed, otherwise she will be stoned to death. Dhimmi Bear - Dhimmi Bear gets to pay Jizya to his respective Islamic Government. Historically in the U.S., we know Jizya as “protection money” paid to the Siclilian Sharia. [comment by Jay - "You need a Christian Dhimmi bear, too! (Actually, it should be first.) Otherwise, people might think only Jews are dhimmi, while actually the vast majority of current Americans would be, were Sharia enacted here."] Mohammed Bear - Mohammed Bear fools all the other Bears (except Dhimmi Bear who is forced) into believing he is Holy. His followers go on to continually divide and harass the world while claiming to be victims. What a tricksey Bear he is! The Rude News ~666
  5. I'm feeling manly again. FILTER. Sand - Welcome to the fold ~666
  6. Shit ... now I feel like I have to change the station in order to make you happy. Lemme look around... I'll get something else. I promise. I'm tired of Helium anyway. BTW - I got drunk a while back and sent a creepy pm to Mary Timony on her myspace page and told her I would like to take her out for coffee (she's local) and then bring her to my Mandir ... because I thought she would enjoy the cultural experience. haha. I'm such a creep. I haven't heard back for some reason ... ~666
  7. Open carry isn't covered by a concealed carry permit in VA (except in Falls Church VA). You see... any asshole can open carry in VA. Except in Falls Church. In the city of Falls Church you must have a permit to carry at all. Of course in DC it's a felony to even have ammunition in your possession. Funny how much gun crime is committed in DC. ~666
  8. Let me tell what's really insane: A SUB NOSE .44. I mean WTF? ~666
  9. Comet #9 ... Helium. Creepy tune. Makes me think of an old Victorian house that a little girl used to play in. Until she died of tuberculosis. I think I knew that girl. We used to play by the old oak tree in her back yard. My mom never told me why she went away. I missed her. She was my best friend. !666
  10. I don't think so ... at least not in VA. I actually had the nerve to carry open once into a thrift store (it's perfectly legal here ... but of course no one does it). The rent a cop freaked out as I casually looked at furniture with my girlfriend. He actually reached for his gun as he asked me if I had a permit. What an ass. I carefully reached for my wallet and pulled out my concealed carry permit and showed him ... then politely informed him that it was LEGAL to open carry in VA. He got all cool after that ... and even asked me about what kind of handgun I had ... like we were buddies and shit. Now THAT'S nuts. I will never carry open again. Concealed carry ... you bet. ~666
  11. Why in the fuck would you have such punch for YOUR HOUSE? I mean ... a shotgun ... big spread (it's dark ... accuracy is not your primary concern) ... and birdshot (relatively drywall tolerant). .44? .223 carbine? WTF? You gonna collateral kill everything in the house? ~666
  12. Shit Jarl ... I got all teared up. Screw you, dude. ~666
  13. Yeah. I'm a man now. I never cry. But it will be OK if I do. I saw my dad cry when I was at his father's funeral. I love my father ... and it was difficult to witness. I never want him to feel sorrow. ~666
  14. God ... you know ... It was the winter of 2001 ... and I was sick in love with a blonde-haired Croatian Bohemian chick ... And I was so desperately in love with her I thought I was going to die. She was a bartender, and we had been on a few dates ... made love. She smelled like a woman. A perfect Woman. She only wanted me temporarily ... and I did not know what to do. I wanted her to love me so badly. I drank whiskey and rye night after night and cried out to her ... just to love me back in the way that I loved her so. It took me 4 years to get over that awful experience. Anyway ... this was the album that marked that time. I used to cry so hard ... all drunk and sloppy ... listening to this shit. ~666
  15. Just fuckin' with ya. I LOVE RUSH. BUT ... I think it's time to get all mental. OK Computer. Radiohead. Maybe 2112 after that. Just for diplomacy. If my turntable wasn't broken, I'd play Caress of Steel. My fav Rush album. ~666
  16. Wasn't "Saga" a Kanuk band? *snicker* So was "Triumph" Not to bust your balls ... but ... haha. ~666
  17. Why isn't anyone else posting? I'll tell you. Jarlaxle and Scratch are the cooler than all you bitches. haha. natch. ~666
  18. Check it. The main riff for the verses in VIETNOW (Rage) is fucking... THE WANTON SONG. No shit. haha. Rip it bitch. ~666
  19. Rock it, Brother in Manliness. We are People of the Sun....BULLS ON PARADE. Bitch. ~666
  20. Ok ... enough of this touchy feely pussy crap ... time to get manly again. It shall be .... RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. evil empire. ~666
  21. I think I will die shortly after my 80th birthday. Even if I reach Moksha before that. Stay tuned. haha. ~666
  22. Feeling in Love is the Best. I will choose to be reincarnated until the Cosmos dissolves if only to be able to feel Being in Love. *sigh* ~666
  23. OK ... I feel like reveling in being in love ... with a girl on the board ... So ... It shall be "Only Shallow" by My Bloody Valentine. I always see her when I hear it. I have for as long as I can remember. mmmm I love you. ~666
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