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  1. I don't look like a sincere and passionate singer? ... singing his heart out from the depths of his soul?? Shit. I guess I missed the boat on that one. ~666
  2. Pets are dumb. I'm only speaking from having 17 birds, 2 cats and 4 fish tanks. natch. No ... really. Pets are dumb. Almost as dumb as children. ~666
  3. Soo ... how much is that in real measurement? ~666 PS - you foreign people crack me up.
  4. Scratch

    The pub

    Bring it on, sister. Leave your bra at home. Those puppies need to breathe. It's hot in here. ~666
  5. Scratch

    The pub

    I'm drinking St. Pauli Girl ... and all I can think about are sweaty bras. *burp* ~666
  6. Damn ... that's a GREAT picture. All wholesome and casual. You are really pretty, Kiss. That smile ... wow. ~666
  7. No ... she has a daughter, Beatrice (Bee - AT - triss); and a son, Buford the bull. ~666
  8. I will say them ... even though I don't say them to you personally. OK? That's the nature of things. But the words will always be said. I can promise I will always say them. ~666
  9. I'm doing better now that I have your attention. Now ... if only Mandy Pandy Puddin' and Pie would stop tellin' all the girls that I don't shower and my mother dresses me funny ... I would be golden. She shouldn't tell people that. It's not fair. ~666
  10. Yes ... my darling? You look lovely tonight. May I offer you some toast? ~666
  11. God, Mandy ... I'm so happy to see YOU too. I will never never never never never be a bad boy again. If only just to talk sweet, whispering things into your lovely ears forever more. *sigh* Blessed are your precious lobes ... and the sweet nothings that I gently whisper lovingly past them in my hour of NEED. "Mandy" ... I sigh. "Mandy ... I need to whisper that name ... Manderlyndishindeshfarn..." Yes ... you know that name. ... for I whisper it daily in my want of need. MY. WANT. OF. NEED. *whispers* "mandayyyy...." ~666
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