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  1. Scratch is genius. I wish he would come back.

  2. I don't look like a sincere and passionate singer? ... singing his heart out from the depths of his soul?? Shit. I guess I missed the boat on that one. ~666
  3. Hitler is not one of my heros, just to clarify

  4. You are still one of my heros, somewere inbetween Chuck Norris and Hitler

  5. Pets are dumb. I'm only speaking from having 17 birds, 2 cats and 4 fish tanks. natch. No ... really. Pets are dumb. Almost as dumb as children. ~666
  6. Soo ... how much is that in real measurement? ~666 PS - you foreign people crack me up.
  7. Scratch

    The pub

    Bring it on, sister. Leave your bra at home. Those puppies need to breathe. It's hot in here. ~666
  8. Scratch

    The pub

    I'm drinking St. Pauli Girl ... and all I can think about are sweaty bras. *burp* ~666
  9. Damn ... that's a GREAT picture. All wholesome and casual. You are really pretty, Kiss. That smile ... wow. ~666
  10. No ... she has a daughter, Beatrice (Bee - AT - triss); and a son, Buford the bull. ~666
  11. I will say them ... even though I don't say them to you personally. OK? That's the nature of things. But the words will always be said. I can promise I will always say them. ~666
  12. I'm doing better now that I have your attention. Now ... if only Mandy Pandy Puddin' and Pie would stop tellin' all the girls that I don't shower and my mother dresses me funny ... I would be golden. She shouldn't tell people that. It's not fair. ~666
  13. Yes ... my darling? You look lovely tonight. May I offer you some toast? ~666
  14. God, Mandy ... I'm so happy to see YOU too. I will never never never never never be a bad boy again. If only just to talk sweet, whispering things into your lovely ears forever more. *sigh* Blessed are your precious lobes ... and the sweet nothings that I gently whisper lovingly past them in my hour of NEED. "Mandy" ... I sigh. "Mandy ... I need to whisper that name ... Manderlyndishindeshfarn..." Yes ... you know that name. ... for I whisper it daily in my want of need. MY. WANT. OF. NEED. *whispers* "mandayyyy...." ~666
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