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  1. Well waddya know.......a few of us old timers are still around. Glad to see you post Klu. I post from time to time but not much...........mainly drop in just to check out the Zep news. Ah, I miss the old days and the lively discussions we all had.... Hope all has been well with you and I mean that. Take care.
  2. I too doubt it would happen but it actually a wonderful idea. They're older, chilling out with acoustic guitar and mandolin would be very welcome here.
  3. Hiya Stringbender,  it's been awhile... Lakey. 

    1. StringBender


      Howdy pal! I'll drop you a line later. So great to hear from you. 

  4. Guess I'm in the minority but I'd take Plants voice in 79 and later any day over the early 70s. Way more mature and developed. Shrieking high notes isn't what make a great vocalist. Now back on topic - my vote is for Earls Court, audio and video!
  5. Howdy brspled! Wow one of the "old boarders" not literally old of course! Good to see you post. yep I remember scouring YouTube all night as vids popped up. Incredible show. Ten fast years...
  6. Same here. Thanks for all the hard work Sam. Ah, the old board....miss a lot of my old pals from back then. Maybe some will chime in......
  7. I'll put in a plug for that Guitar World issue. One of the best issues ever on Page. I remember pouring over it repeatedly back in the day.
  8. Back to the original topic at hand....this is the question I've always had as well if the first rehearsal was recorded. I personally have a hard time believing it wasn't recorded. I would think Jimmy would've wanted to hear what this group of guys sounded like. No way of knowing really but my hunch would be yes it's on the shelf or a box somewhere.
  9. Pages technique as years rolled on became increasingly less "sustainable". Wow I hope that makes sense. His sustain on the 80s tour is about as bad as it gets. Some of that may just be due to his tone then which was horrible. Compared to the O2 tone which was incredible however due to his technique he just makes it sound choppy with his tendency to choke his notes. Granted I'm not in position to offer advice to Page! But compared to his contemporaries like Clapton whose technique may not be what it once was but the tone and style has not lost a bit. So I get the point of the thread and agree. He became increasingly choppy as years went on.
  10. Thanks Steve. Did a quick search and it looks like we did discuss it a bit a good while back.
  11. Ok this isn't '75 but a "lost show" nonetheless. Ask here or is there another thread? Don't want the Forum police to bust me.
  12. My personal opinion is the ITTOD era for just pure mature tone. And I know I'm in the minority. Cannot stand to listen to those early shrieking monkey days. Like nails on a chalk board in the early early days.
  13. whatever. He played the blue strat on someone to love which the poster above referenced even if they had the wrong tune and I did as well to which you replied "no he didn't". So yes he did. On someone to love.
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