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  1. Congrats to Scarlett but C'mon Jimmy!!
  2. Just picked up this book. A lot of pages with a lot of of photos. Too bad it is not too accurate. For the intro to In The Light the authors say Page is playing a Gibson Les Paul with a violin bow. They don't know the difference between an electric and acoustic guitar. Many other errors as well. Too bad.
  3. Bought the album when it was first released just because Jimmy was on it!
  4. Ordered this book on day of release. Happy to be able to own two books with two different Jimmy Page signatures. I am most interested on what Jimmy writes about the guitars and that famous amp. (which he never wanted to talk about back in the 70s)
  5. A Mad Magazine Fold Out from Zeppelin IV? I don't think Jimmy made any trips to Egypt as of 1971.
  6. Probably new interviews with silent footage already previously seen. Will this catapult Jimmy to releasing more live shows?
  7. Just received my new German pressing today and it saws Wreck instead of Maid. The sound quality is much better than the American pressing and the vinyl feels like 180 gram while the American version is thinner.
  8. And it is Made in Mexico. Quality is not so good. The Mirror Tele is Made in USA and a much better quality guitar.
  9. It is the ORIGINAL GUITAR RESTORED! I am typing engish.
  10. http://ledzepnews.com/2019/01/24/jimmy-page-quietly-revealed-his-restored-original-dragon-telecaster-for-the-first-time-in-50-years/ It is the original.
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