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  1. RIP Dame Diana Rigg. (aka Emma Peel) That is two Avengers to leave this world this year!
  2. Surprised Jimmy did not get any songwriting credit. (Maybe that Jagger, Richards wall is pretty tough to break!)
  3. It does sound a little like Page, I'm wondering about who is playing the second rhythm guitar. (speaker left if listening through headphones)
  4. sixpense

    Jimmy Page Pickups

    Tell that to Jimmy since he doesn't say that he replaced it in the book.
  5. Ronnie Wood already involved with the stones in 74 and Taylor quit the band by the end of the year. (according to Wiki) Good track but I don't hear a lot of Jimmy on it.
  6. sixpense

    Jimmy Page Pickups

    Per the new Jimmy Page book, the pickup lost some of it's output during the 72 Australian Shows. (Still played the guitar for those shows) When he got back he had Dan Armstrong fix it. He doesn't say it was replaced.
  7. Page 284 Roland Guitar Synthesizer (GR-500) - May 78 Clearwater Castle Rehearsals - Riff became Who's to Blame and also used on Carouselambra Page 299 Roland G-808 (1979 Model-Natural Finish) Used on Death Wish Pge 320 Roland G-707 (1984 Model) Nickname of 'Dalek's Handbag' Used on Prison Blues
  8. First Album or Fourth Album. (Depending on the day)
  9. The Star-Tribune article referenced in the video has a picture of a black Les Paul without a Bixby tremolo. (ooops) Also Jimmy did not use the Black Les Paul on Whole Lotta Love. Per Jimmy Page The Anthology, (Page 142) Jimmy's equipment on Whole Lotta Love was: Danelectro (slide) Les Paul No 1 Fender Dragon Telecaster Vox UL7120 Amp Vox C02 'Long Tom' Tape echo Rickenbacker Transonic Speaker Cabinets
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