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  1. Jones needed a break and was missing his family and (to my understanding) wasn't happy touring a certain times of the year. In Oct 1973 Page and Bonham were working on Kashmir. (possibly Sick Again: as can be heard on the companion disc with Page playing bass)
  2. I received this as well: Dear Led Zeppelin Fans, You are receiving this email because you have placed a pre-order from the Led Zeppelin marketplace. Please see a statement below from the seller: ""Unfortunately the band and their record company issued the following statement regarding the Immigrant Song 7” vinyl that you pre-ordered. "With great regret, Warner Music must inform Led Zeppelin fans that the “Immigrant Song / Hey, Hey, What Can I Do” 7” single has been cancelled. We sincerely apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience this may have caused. Refunds will be available at point of purchase." This is something totally beyond our control and we can only offer our apologies but we will be automatically issuing full refunds for your orders of the 7” and accompanying t-shirts."" We can confirm that a refund will be issued to you in the next 7 working days and there's no need for you to take any additional action. Kind regards, Music Glue Support
  3. Compare the final version against the companion version and Jimmy definitely added a bit of effects (purposely) to the track. To me, the tracks that have issues with tape hiss are The Ocean and Dancing Days. If you have the companion version of Dancing Days on vinyl, give it a listen. The differences are dramatic. Also, listen to the companion version of For Your Life and you will be able to hear all the bass triplets Bonzo is playing that can't hear on the final version.
  4. Compare the drum fills I noted at 5:04 and compare it to the January 1969 soundboard of Pat's Delight. Similar
  5. You would have had a better chance getting tickets to the Zeppelin O2 show. (Luckily I already own a mint copy from the 70s)
  6. At 5:04 on the track who do you hear?? :-) https://pastdaily.com/2020/04/12/tim-rose-in-session-1968-past-daily-soundbooth/
  7. RIP Dame Diana Rigg. (aka Emma Peel) That is two Avengers to leave this world this year!
  8. Surprised Jimmy did not get any songwriting credit. (Maybe that Jagger, Richards wall is pretty tough to break!)
  9. It does sound a little like Page, I'm wondering about who is playing the second rhythm guitar. (speaker left if listening through headphones)
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