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  1. I've also got a copy of that book. Haven't seen it in years but I know it's around somewhere. If I remember it wasn't very good.
  2. I'm not saying anything new here, but I put LZ into my "blues based rock" category.. I don't consider them Heavy Metal. I agree that their sound and/or style (along with bands such as Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer etc) spawned what would later become Heavy Metal, but they aren't in that category, at least not for me.
  3. I was just thinking about this the other day, trying to remember when I first knew that Zeppelin existed. I don't remember any particular moment. I was born in 1967 and had an older brother who was always the first one to have the newest music. I wish I had an "ah ha" moment, but for me, Led Zeppelin has always existed, I've always listened to them, they've always been present in my life.
  4. MCM

    GRAMMY Results

    Wow, 23 pages, I'm late to the party on this one, but I do just have to say Congrats to Robert! I'm thrilled that he had such a good evening. I would think it feels pretty good to finally have some of the recognition he deserves. It does make me sad that this type of recognition and love never came to him during the Zep years. I, of course, think the work he did then was vastly superior to this record with AK. I've tried to like it, I really have, but it's just not the kind of music I listen to. That aside, it is fabulous to see him on stage happy and satisfied with the work that he
  5. That one kills me, it's a BAND people!!! Not a "him"... what is so hard about that?
  6. Thank you! He is a cutie, I adopted him and that's just the color of his hair.. he was fresh from the groomer when that picture was taken. He's got darker hair on his muzzle and tail..
  7. That is probably my favorite from the BBC Sessions disc. If you don't have it it's worth the price.
  8. I saw that, this just makes everything more interesting.. I too think that Myles is just playing with words, and quite well I might add..
  9. Oh, I agree. Think of what we wouldn't have if someone from some vocal studio or musical academy had told (insert favorite singer/musician) "that's wrong, that's not how you do it".. I for one would have had a very sterile, uninspired and much smaller record collection... I probably wouldn't have any Rush, Metallica or AC/DC. I only mention those few as off the top of my head those are some that I love who get flack for the vocals.. and all of these vocalists have had to go backwards to learn how to maintain those golden voices.. thankfully they did do it backwards...
  10. I don't think we would find that very many of our great "rock singers" have formal training. I think the formal training comes in later with them. They have a vocal breakdown and have to go to a vocal coach/trainer to learn how not to abuse their voices. How to maintain, train and take care of their voices.
  11. That must be a standard answer for him when asked about the Stones, I've read that in another interview from about 5 or 6 years ago, in Spin I think. As for Jack Bruce, it's been said already, but I'd wager that he's not quite the man that JPJ is on the bass. It's sad to see such animosity among peers of that level. Maybe he was just having a bad day?
  12. Nicely said Zepaholic! Tho it may break our hearts, it is what it is, and we, along with JP, JPJ, JB and RP must respect each individuals decisons and deal with it! It appears that the only one's not dealing with RP's decision are some of the fans. (I know, it hurts me too) The others, meaning JP, JPJ & JB seem to me moving forward just fine. Who knows what may come out of these "rehersals" we are hearing so much about? I certainly can't wait to find out!
  13. I too will take JP & JPJ on stage with another singer. I hope that all of this "rehearsing" that we are hearing of does indicate that we will have new music for them to tour with. I think that saying they shouldn't do this is wrong, if they want to get together and play and tour then they have every right to do that. They are musicians, this is what they do! I can't imagine JP going out on the road with a new singer and calling it Led Zeppelin but that's something we'll just have to wait an see. Now that they have said that they are doing this "project" I wish they would lay that
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