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    Tuxpan,Veracruz, Mexico
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    Music: Hard Rock(Led Zeppelin of course), classical;<br />all kind of sciences, politics...
  1. If someone know jimmy page can tell him please release all led zeppelin album again with the new sound obtain from transfer made in 2007, If someone know some of the band guys can tell him please, well i will say in spanish because my english is not very good... Hey Jimmy Page o alguien que conozca a jimmy Page puedes por favor liberar otro de los espectaculares conciertos que dieron en vivo y nunca han salido oficialmente a la luz, sobre todo en video dvd, por favor Jimmy Page, pueden otra vez lanzarse de Gira Mundial, Jimmy Page tu talento y creatividad es impresionante musico
  2. Nice russian girl, your name is like my daughter Greetings from Mexico Ruben
  3. Ouh wow you are handsome european woman really... also i like your poses... Greetings from Mexico Ruben
  4. hey hello debbie, i was sendind messages for you in msn, but i think you was very busy, well me too,iam working hard actually in an important project.... greetings lady... Ruben Mexico
  5. Hey hello brasilian boy, iam 36 years old, my bro 22 Greetings to Lula da silva Ruben Mexico Land of freedom
  6. Somebody have any Carmen Plant pics (actually)??????? Ruben
  7. Page & Plant Heartbreaker Mexico City, September 95 Of course i was there.... Great show, great night,lot of beautiful girls from uk, a lot of sex, hahahah.... Ruben Mexico Land of freedom
  8. Handsome lady, do you speak spanish, me gustaria tener tu direccion de msn, where do you live actually australia or italy?
  9. Hey, Thank you very much lady, and i mean greetings to sidney Australia, great country.... i saw your pic from you and your sister and wow, you are very gorgeous blondes you must be a heartbreakers...
  10. hello amazonic, greetings to london, the boy is my nephew i only have two daughters: Maureen& Alexa: http://i32.tinypic.com/b9cg1l.jpg Ruben Mexico
  11. My sister and Me, uh ouh, eating carrot...
  12. Now im singing all my songs to the girls whos won my heart she only 9 years old and its real fine way to start My daughters Maureen & alexa & nephew and me, rolling somewhere in Mexico, ouch...
  13. my beautiful daugthers (Maureen & Alexa) and my nephew And me, rolling... Ruben Mexico
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