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    Classic rock, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Rainbow, The Beatles, The Doors, Roger Waters, Ritchie Blackmore.
  1. Haha, Dave Gilmour took me by surprise. If I weren't their fan and if I were shown his pictures at 20 and 60, I wouldn't admit they're the same man I'd vote for Roger Waters, he's looking better and better with years.
  2. I woke up with a thought I gotta find more pics of bearded Robert -- and here they are! Thanks
  3. Ro' ck

    Roberts Jeans

    Yeah, the jeans are only a pretext....
  4. I think it surely is but that's my personal view, I know that it's almost impossible to prove your point to someone who's very keen on some other song/band.
  5. I don't think this particular song can ever be overrated - maybe because it's one of my LZ tops...
  6. It's his smile and his eyes, that particular expression, sometimes cool, sometimes luring.. and the movements on stage, no doubt, that's the first thing the eye captures. Oh, and the jeans, of course
  7. I'd vote for eyes. He's got such a soft, comforting glance... But the wavy hair is quite charming, I must say Ladymadcap, oh no, please, anyone but Davey Can't keep track of all the times those hands made me totally crazy, Waters fan I am though...
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