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  1. May I ask just one question? Why would they use super 8 cameras in the movie? Since nobody seem to talk about them I guess they might be some sort of noble thing? Just asking for curiosity... I feel I am missing something to be unable to appreciate them popping out in a high definition movie. Besides, don't get me wrong, I've seen it twice and my blu ray copy is pre ordered. I completely loved the movie!
  2. I received my book yesterday. It is worth the wait and every penny. Holding it, touching it, smelling it, looking and running a finger on every detail of its beautiful facture, is already completely satisfying. It's a piece of art. And for the contents, it is perfect to me. It's been created by the author, it contains what Jimmy Page considers to be worth and significative and that's all that matters. Thanks again Mr Page for another stunning creation!
  3. Happy 67th to you Jimmy, and many thanks again for sharing a part of your life with music with all of us.
  4. Playing for change "Stand by me" http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2539741 Unknown talents playing together all over the world creating "The fifth element"
  5. What are you expecting him to say Steeve?
  6. Being patient here too, but any chance to have the dates for Canada as well? Have a good movie time everyone!
  7. manuforte

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Indeed...some things never change
  8. A few more samples (with the one from the guitar).
  9. I am not an expert in graphoanalysis, but I've studied it for a while. As I have a few sample of Jimmy Page signatures, taken on this forum, I am familiar with some of his principal features. Although as some said, the signature over time varies, some features remain constant. I have chosen to take only one, to me it is one of the strongest, that can easily be seen on his signature, and I have illustrated it with some samples taken over time, from the Yardbirds to last summer (the red drawing for the Led Zep memorabilia at Knebworth). When J. Page signs, he finishes the last letter of his first and last name with a stroke that is:very strong till the end, clearly defined, and straight downward . This feature remains constant from the Yardbirds till today. And if you look closely, it always follows very well the other downward strokes of the other letters of his signature. You cannot miss it, it is a clear statement of his strong tireless determination and affirmation. The signature on the guitar is, to my opinion a poor imitation: notice the weak strokes ending the first and the last name, with no control of the straight line and no direction to it (the strong statement of the determination is a stroke that goes straight down).
  10. Hey Gadgatguru and Pujols05, didn't both of you go to the "It might get loud " presentation? ...and one of you had one ticket for the 16th...so it'd be nice if you would just tell us your feelings about it. It was nice reading the comments from the members in Toronto , so it would be just as interesting to hear about you in Utah. Since we are expecting to see this movie someday in our home theaters and it is long waiting for it, it can help waiting just reading about it.
  11. I really enjoyed having my question answered here. You're right Steve :"collaboration is the key". What a force at work! Thank you SteveA and Aquamarine.
  12. Are Jp, Rp and JB, left handed for writing as seen on that picture? How about JPJ?
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