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  1. Since I've Been Loving You from the August 4, 1979 Knebworth show.
  2. Today I listened to the 1973-07-17 Seattle, Washington (Afterburner), in honor of today being the 39th anniversary of that show! :-)
  3. In honor of 34 years ago tonight, April 27, 1977 at Richfield, Coliseum, Richfield (Cleveland), Ohio, I am listening to Destroyer. Kashmir is playing right now!
  4. The one and only time I saw them was April 20, 1977. So that is the best one too me!!!:-)
  5. 1). Led Zeppelin 2). Bad Company 3). Queen 4). Yes 5). Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  6. I once use too feel that same way, about Radio Ga Ga. However, as I was watching Live Aid in 1985 and as Queen performed this song live. Watching how everyone there was singing, clapping along and really getting into it. It gave me goose bumps. Now when I hear Radio Ga Ga, I always think of the Live Aid performance and it brings a smile to my face along with an overall good feeling. Actually, I prefer the more rocking songs and Queen still kicked out a few great rocking classics in the mid 80’s and beyond IMHO such as: Hammer to Fall One Vision I Want It All Headlong
  7. Led Zeppelin - In My Time of Dying (from 1975-02-12 Flying Circus)
  8. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81
  9. Great album! I still have the vinyl copy one of my girlfriends gave me on my 16th birthday in 1976. Now you've got me wanting to go get this on CD...
  10. Last night I must have been in a live mood. Finally got on CD: Yes – Yessongs Rush – All The Worlds A Stage I still have both of these on vinyl from when I was a teenage in the 70’s. Also, both of these CD’s have bonus tracks.
  11. Destroyer (1977-04-27) Cleveland, Ohio. About an two and a half hour drive north of me!!!
  12. My cousin and I had tickets for the Cleveland, October 26/27, 1980 shows at Richfield Coliseum, before the cancellation of the 1980 US Tour. I had always thought at that time how appropriate, "In the Evening" would have been for the opening number. I was hoping for the 02 Arena show, they would open with it. To my surprise not only did they not play it, but not a single song from In Through the Out Door.
  13. I like both The Firm albums/CDs equally. However, the song “All the Kings Horses” from Mean Business (album/CD), the ending piano part is almost identical to the ending of Bad Company’s “Running with the Pack” from Run with the Pack (album/CD). I like Jimmy’s, Outrider album/CD a lot. I love the instrumental songs along with the blues songs “Hummingbird”, “Blues Anthem” and “Prison Blues” are ALL excellent! I especially love the guitar solo, in “Prison Blues”! I either heard or read that, “Prison Blues” was done in one take. “The Only One” with Robert singing in my opinion, sounds a lot like stuff they (Led Zeppelin) would have been doing at that time, had they not disbanded. I believe, I either heard or read that, Robert actually sang on two or three other tracks that were not included on the Outrider album/CD. Has anyone else heard or read this?
  14. April 20, 1977 - Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio A little more than one month, before my 17th birthday !
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