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  1. In The Evening (Rough Mix) http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/jul/09/led-zeppelin-unreleased-version-in-the-evening
  2. Jimmy wrote on his webpage in On this day... that show on 24 September 1971 in Japan was recorded.
  3. Rolling Stone report on press conference: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jimmy-page-previews-final-zeppelin-reissues-closes-band-vault-20150616
  4. I think it was published in Uncut January 2015 pages 14-16. You can preview it for free at Apple's Newsstand.
  5. New interview with Jimmy http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6288896/jimmy-page-led-zeppelin-future-interview
  6. Here's the link http://www.billboard.com/articles/6191130/paul-mccartney-reissue-unreleased-john-bonham
  7. Official Albums Chart UK 14th June 2014 7. Led Zeppelin 10. Led Zeppelin III 12. Led Zeppelin II http://www.officialcharts.com/albums-chart/
  8. I think The Complete Studio Recordings box set and 1994 reissue have wrong channels for first album while 1990 box set has correct channels.
  9. Let me recall what Jimmy told about live recordings and footage in 2012. But there’s been a lot of Led Zeppelin work to be done. And to have done up to this point, and to be done as well. But after that I should do it… no, this is all studio stuff, nothing to do with any live stuff. So, you know, sort of revisiting the vaults. http://staticmultimedia.com/music/jimmy-page-i-wasnt-so-much-a-trained-musician-i-sort-of-learned-as-i-went-along Page is also looking at relevant live recordings and film to accompany the reissues. "There are concerts that were recorded – some that might have appeared on bootleg in some shape or form – and a certain amount of footage, though not a lot," he said. "I started doing this with [2003's] Led Zeppelin DVD and [the 2003 three-CD set] How the West Was Won, which was a superb live performance." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/blogs/alternate-take/jimmy-page-digs-up-substantial-rarities-for-new-led-zeppelin-remasters-20121126
  10. Here's Rolling Stone interview with Paul Rodgers in which he talks about flying Led Zeppelin's jet and The Firm. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/paul-rodgers-returns-to-his-soul-and-r-b-roots-20140321
  11. Interview with David Coverdale on Coverdale/Page album http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/features/coverdale-page-the-best-zeppelin-album-plant-never-made/
  12. It seems that there's something wrong with them as the companion disc for Led Zeppelin II lists The Lemon Song.
  13. If you look carefully at a photo of booklet for Led Zeppelin II you will see that "La La" is the last song. Moreover you won't see "Bring It On Home".
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