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  1. At tonight's Phish concert, they played a version of The Rover.
  2. Thanks for adding me! Habs rule!

  3. Vinyl: Jimi Hendrix - In Concert Grateful Dead - Wake Of The Flood DVD: Led Zeppelin - First Knight At Knebworth I also bought a Grateful Dead From the Mars Hotel button and a Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn button. I also was able to buy the Them Crooked Vultures 10 inch picture disc a day early
  4. I love The Ramones. One of my favorite bands for sure. While they have they're number of in your face punk songs, they also have some great ballads. Songs such as "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend","Babysitter", "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", "Danny Says" and "7-11" are underrated gems.
  5. Thanks for the add Buckeye!

  6. Thanks for the friend add.

  7. Thanks for adding me to your friends list.

  8. So do I. They're Zep haters. Outrider is very underrated and seems to be forgotten by a lot of people. I have the vinyl and I have an Outrider poster on my closet door.
  9. I added you because I enjoy your posts and your great taste in music. Keep buying those records!

  10. Great taste in music my friend! I hope to be a musician someday as well.

  11. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Love your Youtube channel! You're awesome!

  12. CD: The Grateful Dead - In The Dark The Pixies - Doolittle REM - Monster
  13. CD: Phish - Hoist Phish - Round Room Vinyl: Joan Baez - Vanguard Volume 1 and 2 Joan Baez - Honest Lullaby Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Santana - Santana David Gilmour - About Face Book: Dave Matthews Band - Step Into The Light
  14. My Cleveland Browns won for the second straight week!! Jerome Harrison rushed for 286 yards and Josh Cribbs returned two kickoffs for touchdowns!! 100 yards and 103 yards. Only the second time that's ever happened in NFL history. A Cleveland Cavaliers victory over the Mavericks later would make this day just perfect.
  15. Going shopping at my favorite record store Everybody's Records and Half Price Books
  16. My Cleveland Browns just beat the Pittsburgh Cheaters Oh man, I am so happy! Love my Brownies no matter what.
  17. Oh hell yeah! I'm picking that one up soon. Last night I bought Tom Waits - Glitter & Doom Live for only 8 bucks at Best Buy
  18. Them Crooked Vultures on both CD and Vinyl. My friends at my record store gave me a couple of TCV promo posters.
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