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  1. Its a coin toss but I would take Let It Bleed.pick #1A Beggars #1B
  2. Its a coin toss but I would take Let It Bleed.pick #1A Beggars #1B
  3. I might be able to help ,but I need some more info.Can you tell if it was early Santana[Greg Rollie singing] or was it more of a pop song?Was it played on the radio alot.Any possible time period?
  4. I like the Who By Numbers album,but I cant say I put it in the top 3
  5. Thanks for the cool Who links Jahfin
  6. That is a killer song.You are right about the bassline.
  7. I think it worked well on Supernatural.Since then its been hit or miss.I think given the right song with the right artist he will be great.He has the ability to play into alot of different genres.
  8. I too love the Some Girls album I played that one to death after it came out.Bigger Bang has enough solid tracks on it to get my thumbs up.
  9. more or less meaning I dont rule out everything they have done since Mick Taylor left.or since the 70's.Although I like the Mick Taylor and most of the 70's by a large margin,theres enough material fromm Steel Wheels on I enjoy.
  10. I more or less agree.I liked alot of the Bigger Bang cd.there were some good songs on most of what they have put out,but overall the older material is far superior.
  11. those would be great additions also get Yer ya Yas out(live),Its only Rock and Roll.Some Girls,Black and Blue.Really anything with Mick Taylor you wont be sorry.
  12. Anyone familiar with Abraxis Pool ? a cd made with the members of the original Santana Band without Carlos.Schon handles the guitar.I love the cd ,brings back that original sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPxEJeQPH3M
  13. I have the Honkin On Bobo I like it. they bring their energy and rockin attitude some of the standard blue songs.I guess I wish they would have picked some songs that were less well known.Too many songs that have been covered a million times.
  14. He has been around for so long and has had some somewhat questionable recordings over the years.But underated no way.The mans up there with the all time greats.He has his own sound. And of his more recent cds besides Supernatural Milagro has some great tracks on it.I say he would be highly thought of in the elite guitar players circles.
  15. xmas

    The Cars

    The cars were huge in the states for about three or four albums.Big on the early MTV I LIKE THE NGHT LIFE BABY.
  16. Chicago that must have been cool to play with Areas. Theres never been anyone to match Santana's percussion.
  17. I am a big fan of the earlier albums.I would add to that list the Pump cd.I think they got back to what they did best on that one.More rock less fluff.
  18. We may lose that when the last of the old guard is gone.Its hard to say if anyone will be able to duplicate that sound.Its like having your mothers recipe for making something and you cab I know your a big SRV fan,but even he brought his own sound to the table.Which is good.
  19. Ya, Stand up has that certain Guitar sound.Very much harder than some of the others.
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