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    Long Legs From Germany, Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Opeth, Johnny Cash, Soundgarden, Sunshine, Ajax, My Work, Vinyl. Strawberries !
  1. Free stuff to compensate over hours;
  2. I, once upon a time Carried a burden inside I sung a last goodbye A broken rhyme I had underlined There's an ocean of sorrow in you A sorrow in me I saw movement in their eyes They said I no longer knew the way I had given up the ghost A passive mind submit to fear And the wait for redemption at hand Waiting to fail Failing again If death should take me now Count my mistakes and let me through Whisper in my ear You've taken more than we've received And the ocean of sorrow is you Unfortunetaly they edited it a bit, for the full version check Watershed.... http://www.youtube.c...h?v=DnD2maKnVBA
  3. Bob Dylan~In My Time Of Dying
  4. Like our jailbird above, i have 4 bands/performers that kinda stayed loyal to me.... Black Crowes Soundgarden Opeth Johnny Cash Shortly followed by the kinds of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains und so weiter....
  5. Essential Led. Still remember when i saw that setlist when it was first torrented.
  6. Various~Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  7. Ready for Spring indeed !

    But now it seems like it's Fall here !

  8. Opeth~The Night And The Silent Water
  9. Are these your own tickets ?
  10. Sepultura~Beneath The Remains
  11. is working....sort of...

  12. To be released later this year.... I like Sabbath with Dio at this moment better then with Ozzy.
  13. Black Sabbath~Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  14. Lovely to see you again my friend.

    Ready for SPRING?! I am!

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