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  1. No I'm not kidding And as I'm neither Republican nor Democrat nor American, I can watch with a more objective eye And I can tell you that Fox news borders on shamefull, that no other news channel comes close to its level of bias. Not in reporting the news, but in the copious amounts of commentary and opinion that they have on afterwards... It's almost theatre it's that bad Most of you complaining about the news are conservatives or republicans, and what I find hilarious is that you criticise the media simply because it isn't sympathetic to your viewpoint or ideology... Now if the m
  2. Gainsbarre


    The Freemasons are, these days, nothing more than a Gentleman's club for social climbing men who are into networking... That's all. My Brother is one of them, his father-in-law got him into it, and his friends. One of the initiation ceremonies is you have to walk along the carpet while 2 other members of the Masons, who are dressed up in Byzantine regalia, ask you for the name or the secret password or whatever it is, and they ask you 3 times, but you're not allowed to tell them, then they whack you over the head with a big glittery thing and you collapse to the ground pretending to be
  3. No I'm happy enough with the friends I've already got. They're pretty weird but alright. I know thousands of people, I have a lot of acquaintances but they're acquaintances because i'd just get too bored if I saw them all the time. Don't get me wrong, like if you knew me I'd give you a great 20 minutes of conversation, but outside of that 20 minutes you'd find me incredibly boring, because I am after 20 minutes, but that's okay because I'll go after that 20 minutes because you'd be thoroughly bored of me and I would be of you, so there's no point in inflicting it upon each other
  4. Again we hear about this so-called 'liberal bias' in the news which I think is bullshit, first and foremost because America's most-watched news channel is Fox news, and we all know that channel isn't liberal biased. Now you're claiming the war in Iraq has been 'won' and because it's not reported in the news, that it must be some sort of anti-Americanism...maybe the problem is you are too pro-republican? And maybe you're upset because the news doesn't reflect your viewpoint? And why would McCain be ahead if he received more media coverage? Are you telling me that media coverage instantl
  5. Only for so long though. Moral anarchy only exists for so long before things are knocked back into some sort of order. Necessity always wins over morality.
  6. I went for number 1 because Robert's head suits Paul's body
  7. A moral compass is all well and good, however I find that society's 'magnetic north' is often more ludicrous than the morality that society seeks to piss all over
  8. the NFL these days can be summed up in 3 words: spectacle, testicles and tits
  9. I hate to break it to you, but most people are boring
  10. Is Kenny still doing a heck of a job?
  11. I know Bernie Mac, I just wish I knew what he did...
  12. Really? I think a movie is a perfect first date option, that way you haven't got to worry about the awkward times when the conversation dries up, and then making yourself look like an idiot by trying to keep the conversation going...And then both having seen the movie, if necessary, it can be used as a conversation-saver on the way back home
  13. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
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